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The Smith's
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Changing Table

Shannon is a great craftsman....and when we found out we were pregnant I really wanted the babies room to have something he made. I hinted around and finally we came up with the idea that he would build the babies' changing table. He had come a long way in a short amount of time. I am so proud of him and so proud that something so special will be a part of the nursery.


We had another appointment today. Everything looked really good. We still cannot tell the genders....but it is just a matter of time. The pictures were a bit dark, but hopefully you can see our little ones growing! It was amazing as always to see them playing so actively. I can't wait to feel the first kick!


The woodshed got an addition this weekend. Shannon built a beautiful flower box along the side. He and Cindy put it up on Sunday and it was set for flowers. This week, his mom and I got to help with the planting of the flowers. It turned out to be a beautiful picture when completed! Tucker even felt like he was helping...though the sun was kind of tough on him.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Callaway Gardens

What a day. Yesterday, Mama and daddy stopped through Valley to pick me up for a day trip to Callaway Gardens. Grandmama Jones and Emma joined us. It was a lovely day. Emma enjoyed seeing the butterflies. We also did a scavenger hunt through the horticulture center. We ended the nice day with dinner at the Country Store. Emma was adamant to get her picture made at the butterfly sign and yes...that is "Nana" joining her! What a wonderful day!


I know...I have been so bad about updating the blog. Well, here are a few updates. We went to another doctors appointment on April 10th. We got to hear "BOTH" heartbeats and see the babies dance. It was great. They are still rocking and rolling. One of the babies continues to hang out upside down...I told Shannon we may have a tree climber on our hands! I can't wait to feel that first kick..and then the second and third and so on! We are truly enjoying ourselves and this pregnancy. Saturday we went and found a plan for a changing table. Shannon got his supplies and began construction! I am so excited that the babies will have a piece of furniture handcrafted by their daddy! What a keepsake!

I will do my best to be better and update....things are just crazy busy and all I want to do is nap/rest! Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gatlinburg Day 4

 was our last full day. We had a good one..despite the rain. We drove over to Cades Cove and grilled our burgers and enjoyed the scenery. Shannon got pictures of several animals. The deer and turkey were in abundance. He even befriended a fat squirrel at our grill site. He was captivated by how friendly the squirrel was....same goes for the deer in the park. We came back to take a nice rainy weather nap and will be leaving shortly for dinner at the Park Grill. It has been a great ending to a wonderful trip. Hope you enjoy the photos...don't laugh at our outfits! It was hard to determine how to dress today. The morning started out around 70 degrees only to find it 55 degrees within the park and now 60 back at the room. It has been a very nice day overall! We do miss Tucker and Valley....we'll be back tomorrow!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gatlinburg Day 3 Road Trip

Today we left out around 8am. Shannon had a great trip mapped out...we even road some dirt roads through the mountains. It was a lot of curves and nervous corners...but the views were more than worth it. We even came up on an old church that still holds homecomings and special services. The men and women outhouse was funny to see. We drove through several small towns/villages like Maggie Valley and Fontana and then to some pretty touristy places like Cherokee and Townsend. All in all it was an 8 hour trip and 200 miles total. We are back...getting ready for dinner. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We didn't take as many on account of the showers but we feel we got some good ones for you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 2 Continued

We went to the Gatlinburg Visitor's Center and walked the Gatlinburg Nature Trail and Cataract Falls Trail. It was a nice "stroll" trail that we all enjoyed :-) We are about to get ready for dinner now....enjoy the pictures. Shannon does a great job with his photo editing. Tomorrow's post will be late as we plan to ride and sight see most of the day. Don't worry...we'll post in the evening!


Today we ventured over to Clingman's Dome. It was to be an easy trail...paved....easy..yeah right. We had to stop for me to rest. It was ALL uphill but most worth it once we got there. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We also got to see a lot of great sights on the path to and from the mountain. Enjoy. Check back for more to come!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gatlinburg Day 1

Here we Gatlinburg. After of day of traveling and sightseeing we finally made. We left Valley around 8am and arrived around 4pm. We tried a small trail but I pooped out. The babies and I just can't go like we want sometimes. We are so excited to be here and celebrating our one year anniversary. The mountains and weather are just perfect. As we drove in, the temp gauge on the truck registered 75 degrees. It has been one beautiful day and a wonderful start to our vacation. Check back for more pictures to come!