The Smith's

The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Angel Mover

Rightly titled by our friend Chris J......the angel mover is now ours!!! Thanks to my wonderful husband who has finally gotten the message that this 4 month pregnant mommy can't hardly get the carseats in and out of the Element and needs the dream vehicle she has always wanted......My Minivan!!! YAAA! And not just any minivan....a HONDA! I am a longtime lover of Honda....and have dreamed of this day since I was a little girl wanting a family. To Shannon's defense though....I would have gotten it sooner if I weren't so money conscious and studious and stubborn. He just got tired of me saying over and over how much I wanted off we went yesterday! I told Shannon, I can't think of another material object that I really could want right now....I have what I NEED! (That isn't to say other wants won't come up) but I have what I need! Thank you honey!!! It is white, with leather, heated seats, tons of cup holders, seats 8, plenty of storage, sunroof, DVD, etc. The only thing that has me baffled is the DVD player faces the front and the angels are rear-facing still. Does anyone have an answer to that? We have the mirrors for them so I guess they could watch it from behind.....hmmm ...interesting. We shall see as we hope to head to the beach soon!!! Again, thank you Shannon for this awesome ride!!! We ALL appreciate it! Here is a camera phone pic of the angel mover in the parking lot behind BWW in Auburn....we met our buddy Chris there for that time though, the angels had had enough for one day! Bless them....we do push them sometimes!

The Move

Well....Friday morning was such a long morning. The angels and I played in an empty house (well , almost empty). The TV was gone....all we had were toys, cleaning supplies, our radio, and the superyard. The angels were so good while I cleaned. Shannon came home and got us around noon and we loaded the final load for Valley! We are now home, still unpacking but making GREAT progress. I will post updated pics soon. Here are the angels though, in their final hours in Augusta.....being soooo good for mommy. You will notice I had to move them and ALL our stuff into the kitchen once the carpet guy came. They just transferred sooo well. As long as they have their toys, their mommy, and a good cold bottle....they are good! We truly are blessed. Our time in Augusta has been such an experience for us all....a great learning, loving experience. Thank you to our friends and family/friends there!!! You will be missed! Come visit!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maddy on the move....

Both of my angels are moving and grooving these days....Maddy is a bit like a 3-legged dog in that she drags one leg...and Thomas loves reverse and rolling.....however, there is no stopping these two anymore. Here are some pics of Maddy last night after her bath. She was headed to the stereo around the corner. Jackpot!!! All of a sudden we were listening to Rascal Flats at very loud levels!

Playing around

Yesterday was our final appointment with our wonderful OB and friend, Dr. Erin Holsten. What a bittersweet moment we had as we said our goodbyes...but promised to stay in touch and to make a point of meeting up in the future. She has truly been an angel sent from God....that delivered my two precious angels safe and sound! If for nothing else, our time in Augusta was most worth it just for the experience of her care.

We also had a very nice farewell dinner with some of Shannon's work associates....what a heartfelt farewell it was as they presented Shannon with some lovely extra special gift was a book that was put together with pages of comments and words and emotions from several at the call center. If you don't know Shannon well...that is one of his most favorite things....personalized, creative, from the heart type of gifts! I won't mention names....but you all know who you are...and THANK YOU! is the day to finalize packing, cleaning, etc. Here we go!!!! Lord...please give me the strength and sanity I need to make it until Shannon, Megan, and Kris get here at 5pm! If you know know I have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed!
Here is a pick of the angels horsing around yesterday afternoon...they play so well together!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are currently 15 weeks and went in today for our final Augusta ultrasound. It was quite bittersweet, but couldn't not have been more perfect. First of all....Mrs. Fran (nurse) came out and visited with us. She is the most charming lady and she and Shannon have such a funny relationship. We spent lots of time in her recliners last year for our weekly NST's with the angels. She took pictures of the angels and teased back and forth with Shannon.....they are a mess. Then, my all time favorite ultrasound tech did the ultrasound. Christy has been our fav since we started at MCG. She took great shots of the newest little angel....long legs and all. She even gave us a glimpse and a 95% assurance that we are again seeing pink. We are overjoyed. I didn't really care either way, girl or boy, as long as we had a healthy angel. However, I did like the idea of a boy just because I had 2 brothers, but then again, we have such great girly clothes and things that I was leaning that way. we are! Looks like Shannon and Thomas will be outnumbered! Thank you to everyone for all your prayers!!!! I will keep you posted as we know more! Prayers going out to our friends The Wright's.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Counting down our Augusta days.....bittersweet...

Pardon the mini-skirt...she is still learning how to sit like a lady :O

The Scene

In the headlock.....he was only trying to give her love....
Well, we are back in Augusta....but this is our last week to call it home. We still have so much packing and getting ready to do for Friday....but things are underway. The angels lack patience with me while I am packing....I think they are still aggravated with the stuffy noses and teething. They both want to be held more (extremely unusual for Maddy) and just seem overall restless. It can make for a long day when you have things to get done......but somehow it does! Here is a pic of them playing....I was in the kitchen packing when Tucker came in and gave me this look like...."um, you need to see this". When I went into the living room they have overturned and shifted the superyard and were on the move. Too funny! They are both crawling now (I call Maddy my 3 legged pup because she drags one leg and pushes with the other and Thomas tends to just go backward) and they tend to crawl all over each other. Here is the play by play....little stinkers! I love you two soooo much!
P.S. We have an ultrasound tomorrow for Baby We shall is a bit early but we are hopeful. We also have our final OB appt on Wednesday with our good friend and doctor....Dr. Holsten. She will be SOOOOO missed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We want to wish our daddy, Shannon....the best daddy...a very Happy Father's Day!!!! Plans? Of course there are always plans....we have Nana and Poppy coming over and Nonnie, Aunt Cindy and Aunt Stacey coming for ribs, chicken and angel time!!!! Hope you enjoy these pics that were taken yesterday. On the home front....we are unloaded and unboxed (mostly) from this weekends load. How do we accumulate so much STUFF! I must learn that it will all get done and that it can't happen matter how much I try or want it to! :-) Mark your calendar if you have a strong back....we will be unloading the furniture on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning if you are available!!! Cold beverages will be provided as well as a big hug from me!
Again, Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there!!!! Especially our Daddy and Poppy (my "diddy") and our late Grandpa Tommy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sick angels....

Here we 3 of this stuff. Still runny noses, red-watery eyes, stuffiness, etc. They are just pitiful. Sleep is hard to come by as they struggle so with breathing. The bottle and passy that once brought comfort only bring agony and frustration. Please say a little prayer that the teething and ill effects that come with it pass quickly.....we have a big day of travel today and we are all exhausted!!! I never dreamed I would feel so helpless when it came to my children having colds.....I just don't know what more to do than the Vicks, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, humidifier, nose bulb, teething drops, soft boogie wipes, semi-warm baths, etc. Bless their little hearts! Thanks to Mr. Kris for help loading last night and Mrs. Megan for help comforting sick babies.....we have truly been blessed with great friends both here and back home in Valley!!!! If your up for unloading tonight or next Friday night don't hesitate to come on down! :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prayers Please Update.....

Happy Faces....Red eyes, runny noses, and all. Well, it did take a little jumping up and down and singing Old McDonald on my part.....
This just in....Thomas and Maddy have 2 new teeth.....each! Yep...just like the bottom two, they both broke the top two on the same night/day. You can't tell me runny noses and fever don't accompany teething! I am armed for tonight humidifier, Vick's vapor rub for babies, teething drops, Tylenol, and mama's love!

Prayers Please....

Last night was another rough night.....not only does Thomas have the sniffles ....but now Maddy is a mess. She tossed and turned ALL night long....crying constantly as she can't breath. She wants her passy but as soon as it goes in her mouth she struggles to breath and gets so frustrated. They just don't understand. If you have any recommendations on easing the frustration of a summer cold (little or no fever at this point) please send our way! Hope this finds you and yours healthy and happy!!!!

On another note....we will be moving half our Augusta home back to Valley this weekend and the final load next weekend. I am overwhelmed in boxes and stuff! Shannon is working so hard at work and then coming back to more work with me at home....and by the time he gets here I am about DONE! Please add us to your prayers.....this pregnancy has really been different than last. If you remember....I was about 6 months pregnant at this point when we moved last year, but I do believe this time around is harder. My legs are giving me fits (hereditary vericose veins swelling) and my emotions are all the fatigue with sick is all taking a toll. We are thrilled and feel prayers have been answered but I wish the next 2 weeks would just "happen" and all be done! I am excited as our friends "Mrs. Megan" and "Mr. Kris" are coming over for Pizza and truck loading tonight!!!! We are going to miss our Augusta friends.....thank goodness there are great means to stay in touch with folks now!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Baby

Well...the time has finally come that we truly have a sick baby and perhaps one on the way. Thomas was restless ALL through the night...not really allowing for anyone to get a night's sleep.....when he awoke this morning I discovered why. His nose was stuffy, his eyes red and watery, and he was having such a hard time breathing through is broke my heart. Sneezes were constant and fussing and not wanting to eat were obvious! He did have a low grade fever on and off...but nothing concerning. For once....I truly felt that if I could take it for him I totally would!!! It broke my heart to see him so miserable. He went to bed tonight still struggling, and I am sure it will be a restless night he has not eaten enough to sustain him. Maddy was also showing signs of coming down with this cold as her eyes were so red and she too was sneezing and restless as the night progressed. We shall see. On a cuter are some pics of the angels from yesterday and today. Maddy loves to pull up to Thomas' chair and visit....too cute! Today...Thomas was moving and scooting more than ever....and Maddy....well, she is just all over the place. We are really watching out for Tucker and he is most definitely watching out for them! We just pray he will grow and change with their changes and never become is such a worrisome thing for us! Notice Thomas' eyes in the crawling pics....bless him!

P.S. Excuse the mess you see in the background....we live in the floor at our house....but lately with the packing and all it is even more disorganized......and to think ...I had such ideas that they would stay on the naive I am!

Giveaway Post

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun

Notice Thomas getting Eli's nose.....
Eli Whorton, Thomas, Aunt Stacey, Kayla Whorton, Avery Whorton, and Maddy
Our rainy afternoon Sunday...didn't last long but it was refreshing!
Our first official time sitting at the table together.....we are ready for both our seats (like the one Thomas is in) to be in one house so we can eat together more regularly....and consistently!

Playing Around