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The Smith's
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game Day

We are sporting our Blue and Orange today.....though we are really watching all the good games out there! We had a great visit this morning with our cousin can tell the angels love to play with Em! She gets in the floor with them and everything!!! I can tell they are still battling this crud stuff....but hopefully it will hurry and pass us on by as we have a busy couple of weeks ahead!!! First Birthday here we come!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Boy do I feel sorry to have not updated till now! This week has been crazy busy!!! We had an OB appt. on Tuesday that went really well and an ultrasound on Wednesday that also went well. We are still watching the kidney but do not see it as a big concern right now...doctors words. I got my weekly lecture on rest and the importance of rest with my lupus and so forth and made my usual promise to try! We also found out that we have to start twice weekly NST's.....that means twice weekly trips to Columbus...yuck!! But I know it is for the best and want to do all I can to ensure health and happiness for Morgan. We go next week for the NST on Tuesday and then another heart ultrasound (fetal echo) and NST on Friday. As for the "crud" we have all had here at home, I am thankful the children's claritin. It is helping the angels to get over this stuff.....they even went to nursery this morning while I was at Bible Study and did very well. We are off bottles except for bedtime in which we are getting a water bottle. All in all we are growing and changing daily...I can hardly keep up. Still working on the food and finger foods...but I think we are making progress. Thomas and Maddy are both taking is almost a competition with them to see who can get claps for walking....Maddy can walk and turn now and Thomas can make 7 or more steps at one time. They are SOOOO proud of themselves! Maddy is also saying "ball", "mama", "Uh-Oh", "hello", "hey", and they both do this sound of "aaank" which is their mocking me...I make the noise when they go after something they shouldn' is really funny....they copy whatever I do! Thomas doesn't talk too much...he does his own language though and loves to sing....he sings along with songs on the tv and when I am singing. Again...all is soooo good around here...busy but good! I can't believe our party is next weekend!!! My angels are turning 1 and I feel like the year has just flown by! God is soooo good!!!! Stay tuned...I am sure more is to come! :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend sniffles....

What a ham......
Thomas driving and Maddy reading her books....she loves her books!!!!
Helping Daddy set up the sound system and DVD player.....
The cute barn dress.......not getting her way......
Wearing our orange and blue....
I know....Thomas should not have hangers in his mouth but you will do anything to distract him in order to dress him...and hangers work!
We ride on the outside of the cars now...more than the inside!
Working on our finger foods.....
I finally got this little giraffe put was given to us for Christmas but we are finally at the age where we can really enjoy it....or fight over it!

Turning a one-seater into a two-seater.....
Maddy won and Thomas decided to sit it out....
I just wanted to share some pics from over the weekend. You will notice in many of them the runny noses and watery eyes. We have all been under the weather with what I like to refer to as "THE CRUD"! That yucky stuff that just lingers, no fever or serious need for a doctor, just the sniffles, runny noses, coughing, congestion...etc. We had some fun, we had some tears, we had lots of snuggling and clingy angels, but all in all it was a good weekend of togetherness!!!! Hope this finds you and yours feeling healthy and happy!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week....

This has been quite a busy week of transition and it hasn't come easy! I decided it was time to start weaning off the bottle and formula and working towards the sippy cups and whole organic milk. After finally finding the right sippy I will say we are on our way...but it was not without trial and error, tantrums, clingy crying and so on. We even went through meltdowns at the nursery at church and during my Bible study. It also didn't help that we have all been affected by this rain with "the crud". All in all it made for quite a trying week but after today.....I truly feel on top of the world. Thomas and Maddy overcame their anxiety and played so well today while I was at study and then came home to a smooth afternoon of playing and eating. I am counting my blessings for sure!!! We are all looking forward to the weekend and hoping this rain will lighten up!!! Hope this finds you all doing well also!

This is a pic from the camera phone this morning of the angels with their sippy cups.....the ones that seem to be working right now! :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

War Eagle!

It is still too warm for Thomas' wind suit and Maddy's turtleneck with her cheer dress...but I think they look cute in orange and blue!!! War EAGLE!! HEY!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Countdown to ONE!

As we count down the days to our first birthday...I am cherishing each and every moment of these two precious angels before they are officially 1! I can't believe we are sooo close to a year!! Where has the time gone?????

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big Party

I am utilizing the wonderful world of blogging to get the word out for our big party! Please see the invitation above! (click on it to enlarge) Thomas and Maddy will be turning 1 on October 6th and we will celebrate with a "Cow and Pig" Theme Party on Oct. 3rd. from 2-4pm eastern at The Smith Plantation! I know a lot of you will not be able to attend but I wanted to share this wonderful event with you as you have been such a special part of our lives and have followed us on this journey since we found out our angels were coming our way!!! If you can attend, please email me at the address below or comment on this post so we can take a count and have plenty of cake!!! There will be a hayride for the kiddos so wear your denim and bring a towel! Have a blessed day!!!
Stay tuned as there will be lots of pics to follow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

11 Months

Here we are....11 Months!!! Actually we turned 11 Months on Saturday but we have had a busy weekend so I am just now posting!!! What a great weekend we had! We had our cousin Emma spend the night with us Friday night after a great dinner with our friends The Green's....we then spent the day Saturday with our Nana and a visit from Nonnie as the men folk bird hunted and cooked! Then on Sunday we met up with Nana and Poppy in Auburn to say goodbye to Emma and to hit Sam's for some bday supplies! On Monday....our wonderful daddy spent the day with us and took us to Eufaula to see Great-Grandparents and again....our Nana and Poppy. We also got to see Uncle Jeremy's new house...I am soooooo proud of him and for him!!! We then made it back in town in time for a great birthday dinner for Aunt Stacey! We had Outback with our friends The Whorton's, Michelle and Lauren, Nonnie, and Cindy. WOW!!! What a weekend!!! We are taking today to catch up on house stuff and to just recover from all the fun!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and a blessed week!!!