The Smith's

The Smith's
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red, White, and Ants

These were taken this morning....I just had to share the cute red and white with ants. Looks like we are ready for a picnic! If you are wondering what had them smiling so...Shannon was dancing around behind me trying to keep their attention while I snapped away. Thanks Nana for keeping us so stylish! Notice the teeth in some of the shots! Happy Sunday!

Too Cute

Here are pictures of the angels in their new sunglasses. Their Nonnie (Jackie) went to Savannah over the week for a girls trip with her friends and brought back these cool shades!!! Thomas and Maddy wanted to chew them more than wear them! They brought smiles and giggles to us all! Thanks Nonnie!

Sippy Sippy

Shannon and I decided that the angels had gotten too long to split the large pack-n-play they have been sleeping in, in Valley. We decided to bring down the second one and set it up. They still share the crib in Augusta (though we have two I cannot bare to separate them yet). Here is the first morning after waking in their little beds.....Maddy slept like an angel...while Thomas slept on and off. We still can't tell if it is hunger, teething, or just a random phase that has him so restless and irritable at night....we are praying for comfort and rest for him...for us all!
Just had to share these...we love our new sippy cups! It is too funny Maddy has her very own but as soon as Thomas picks his up, she puts hers down and starts reaching for his. Poor fella...he'll never have anything of his own!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Is Good

Here are the cutest angels in the cutest onesies ever!!!! Nana and Poppy bought these two springs ago in Gatlinburg....well before the angels were even born. We didn't know if they would be girl/boy, boy/boy or girl/girl at the time...hence the gender neutral colors. If anyone knows Shannon....they know he has a wardrobe of Life is Good T'shirts. He even carries the founders logo and history with him for motivation. We truly believe God is Good....therefore "Life is Good"!!!!!! Hope this makes you smile!

**** Please be sure to check out the Relay For Life post if you haven't already!!!*****

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Appointment

Today's appointment was quite the reassurance that I needed. It is so hard this go around. Last time....we had appointments every week due to the fact that we were carrying twins and I had the whole Lupus thing going on. Well...this time around is different. The appointments are about 4 weeks apart and the ultrasounds about 6-8 weeks apart. I know...I have been spoiled. Today we heard the heartbeat....a good strong heartbeat. The beat was around 150-160 and sounded great!!! It was so comforting to hear. Dr. Holsten listened as I discussed my fatigue, aches, my stress that I carry (my own fault) and other questions about the lupus meds, etc. She gave me some advice....suggestions to rest and to try and relax more. It is just not easy with my personality first, having twins second, and living between two homes and constantly on the road. We are praying God's direction in all of that and I am beginning to find comfort in letting go and letting HIM take the hard as that is for me. Those of you that know me know I am a type A personality and love order, plans, schedules, routines, etc. NO Surprises please!!! Well....all in all we are so very blessed and I am most thankful for all the chaos in my life as LIFE IS GOOD!!!! God is Good!!! Thank you for your prayers...please keep them coming. We have our next appt in 4 weeks and an ultrasound in 6 weeks.....can't wait! We hope to find out the sex....for now, Baby Smith is our little "it". Hugs and blessings!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We celebrated the on-off rainy day by going to lunch with Jackie, Cindy, Donna, Stacey and little Avery. I usually HATE Mexican food but had a major hankering for a big quesadilla and cheese dip. Crazy huh? Well, after lunch we went home to get ready for Nana and Poppy (my mama and daddy) along with Emma (7) and Ella (1 1/2). We had a great afternoon of playing and eating hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, wings, and whatever else Shannon could find to put on the grill. He loves to use his smoker/grill! The angels enjoyed their big cousins coming to play. It was a great afternoon for everyone!!! I just wish I had gotten some pics of the girls. Here are Thomas and Maddy in their red, white, and blue! Thank you to all our veterans, active soldiers, and those who have sacrificed their lives for our great country!!! Blessings!!!!

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful....but busy weekend in Valley. Shannon's Aunt Donna was in town so we spent most of the weekend with Jackie, Cindy, and Donna. They babysat Friday night so Shannon and I could grab a late dinner in Opelika. It is hard as we are both so tired these days that late nights out almost aren't worth it.....but we do cherish the us time. We then cooked grilled chicken on Saturday and Boston Butt on Sunday. Shannon bought a new wood splitter so he spent most the time outside, dodging rain, and cutting and stacking wood. The ladies and I enjoyed some wonderful baby time. Thomas and Maddy are growing so quickly. Donna bought them a sippy cut with a straw (as recommended) and they both took to it. They are also both scooting all over the place. You can't stop them! They roll and scoot constantly now. They see something they want and they are on the move. No crawling....but they get where they need to go. Thomas seems to be fighting the eating more....he kept us up most of the night last night, but I am hoping it is just another phase. Hope you enjoy these cute pics. You will see Maddy scooting off the mat. When she began she was in the opposite direction. Thomas also does not want to sit anymore....he just wants to roll and scoot...hence his laying down. I also want to send out a few congratulations! First, my brother and his wife moved into their new home in Athens, Al over the weekend. The girls (Emma and Ella) stayed in Eufaula with my mom. Can't wait to see all they've gotten done!!! Also, I'd like to say congrats to Britt and Margaret Sellers as they married over the weekend. Congrats to the Sellers, Wilder, Massey, Poulos Families!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pictures to share.....

Here are just a few of our funny faced pictures to share! Hope you enjoy! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all our blogger friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today's Test

Today we took Thomas to the Speech Therapist at MCG. We had to go to the Radiology department. There, they performed what is called a Barium Swallow Test in order to check Thomas' swallowing ability. Maddy and I had to step out due to the radiation while Shannon got to wear a snazzy coverall. Maddy and I watched on the TV screen. We have had so much trouble with his eating and have been very concerned. Today did nothing but ease our hearts and minds. Thomas has what is called an aversion to textures.....foods with texture that is. He also is dealing with Reflux issues that makes meal time a bit more frustrating for him as he cannon take in the quantity that most children his age can. Therefore, our tasks are to gradually try to increase textures in his order to build up the consistency he will accept. We are to also allow him to chew and taste various objects in order to build up his acceptance toward textures (this will be easy as he already chews on everything). We will also let him play with spoons more and massage his tongue to try and desensitize his gag reflex. In addition, we are to give him smaller and more frequent meals in order to help the reflux. The Speech Therapist was wonderful!!!! She gave me her phone number and told me to call with any questions or concerns. She also said she would like to follow up with Thomas and help us with his eating development. Shannon and I were both very happy with the outcome. We will discuss all we learned with Dr. Jester....our pediatrician. There may be an Upper GI in our future but not at this point. We will also get to cancel next Friday's appt. So....for next week, we have a Baby Smith appointment and that is it!!! WOW.....I won't know how to act with only one appointment to go to......thank you all for your prayers of support and words of encouragement. I will continue to keep you posted!

Baby Stellan

Please continue to pray for Baby Stellan. For those of you curious about this little angel....check out his mommy's blog and the link for the Fox news story about him......
It seems there are so many children in need of prayers.....I am in constant prayer for my own angels (Thomas, Maddy, and Baby Smith) but we have been so fortunate in terms of illness, etc. A few of the names that I know of that are in need of our prayers: Ella Newmiller, MaggieJo Rennie, Baby Stellan, Parker Scott, Little Hunter, Jacob P., rocky tales, and so on. If you would like to add names to the list for others to pray for....please comment and add your special names.....they will surely be lifted up! God Bless all the little children of the world....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost and Found

Today we had a tragic event take place.....but found the light at the end of the tunnel. Our precious pancake bear (gift from my cousin Georgia) was lost and left at Target. Maddy and Thomas both have a habit of throwing their bears overboard......however, this time pinkie was left behind! It wasn't until we were at our next destination that I discovered our missing bear! I searched all over the car but the blue bear was the only survivor. I phoned Target but no one had turned her in.....I drove all over the parking lot but to no avail! I called and called Target and it had still not been turned in. Nana called to check in with us and I told her the tragedy....she was in Columbus so she went on a hunt for a new bear and found one. Well...that was great news but it still wasn't the pink bear we've had for 8 months, that has been washed, ran over with the stroller, washed, spit up on, and washed (at least 40 times by now). Finally.....I called one last time and heard the words...."hmmm....I think I did see one...hold on". Oh what joy our bear is coming home!!! And now pinkie and blue have an adopted sibling on the way....thanks to Nana. Here is a pic (from the computer) of our Pink Pancake Bear....minus the bow. You just have no idea....they go everywhere with us!!!! Flipped upside down...they even help hold our bottles when traveling! They are members of the family....and those that see us regularly are most familiar with them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Eye Dr. Appt

Thomas did very well today...despite the long day!!! We drove from Valley to Augusta (leaving at 8am and arriving at 11:45am) unloaded, grabbed lunch, and then headed downtown to MCG for our appt with Dr. Goei. Thomas had an appointment at 1:30pm and we were finally leaving there at 3:45pm. They first did an exam, then dilated his eyes (45 minutes long) and then 2 more exams. All looks good at this point...praise GOD! He has intermittent eye turning but nothing to be concerned about. Dr. Goei will continue to monitor him but sees no need for glasses or extra therapy for now. We will see her again in 3 months...oh...and we just loved her. She has a real disposition for children. Thank you for your prayers. Our Barium Swallow Test is Thursday.....I will keep you informed! We wish our friend Jacob a good appointment with Dr. Goei tomorrow as well!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week

We have a busy week ahead and I am requesting your prayers. Thomas has his eye doctor's appointment Tuesday. This is just to check and see if he has the hereditary "lazy eye" that his daddy and granddaddy and so forth have had. Again, this is only a check....just to be on the safe side. There is a lot that can be done if the doctors do see a problem. Thomas also has his first of 2 appointments with the Speech Therapist on Thursday. This appointment will consist of the Barium Swallow Test to determine if there is a problem with his swallow that is adding to all of his trouble with eating. He continues to struggle with solids and only wants the jarred baby pears, prunes, applesauce, etc. Maddy on the other hand is eating up a storm (she evens sneaks and gets things off my plate). I try so hard not to compare the two but it is hard not to....especially in the area of food! You would just think that my "boy" would want to move on and eat!!!! After all....he is a Jones/Smith. I will keep you all posted but your added prayers are much appreciated!!! God Bless!

Weekend Pictures I've gotten some cute pics and had to share.....I also wanted to catch you all up on our busy weekend. Friday and Saturday, Shannon and our great neighbors worked on the tree that fell in Stacey's yard and the trees that fell in their yards. We had wings with our friends the Green's Friday night, dinner at the Green's on Saturday night, family and friends (The Green's) over for steaks on Sunday night and then a busy day visiting today. Shannon had a meeting in West Point so the angels and I went to visit was so great seeing my fellow teacher friends and students. I can't believe my 4th graders from last year will be graduating on Friday. The angels and I also got to join our daddy and friends from WP Knology for lunch. As you can see it has been a busy weekend. The weather has been weird too!!! sunshine and cold....what a weekend. I also want to send a shout out to my brother, Jeb, and his first day as a pharmacist!!!! So proud. He and the girls (Lacy, Emma and Ella) will move into their new home in Athens, Al next week. I also want to send out a special prayer request for a special friend.....I also ask for prayers for Baby Smith. With all that has been going on I feel a little more stressed than usual and just pray that it gives this angel strength for the busy future it has ahead of it.....which we call life! What blessings we have. Hope you enjoy the pics! you can see...Thomas and Maddy should be crawling any day now! HUGS!