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The Smith's
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Friday, May 1, 2009


Maddy loves meal time! As long as she gets the attention she wants!

Thomas.....attempting to eat.

Maddy trying to crawl.
As many of you know....we struggle when it comes to eating with Thomas. Now Maddy...she will eat!!!!! However, Thomas spits out every bite of everything that comes to his mouth (except milk of course) but we continue to try. He does like bananas and pears and applesauce....but it is work to get it in him.....everything gets spit out at least just depends on if he will take it back. Some mornings and evenings are more of a battle than anything else.....I never push too hard as I don't want him to have an aversion to eating. He does dread the spoon though. Maddy on the other hand.....she love to eat....and enjoys being fed! Here are some pics from this morning....notice the unbrushed hair! Oh....and did I mention she is trying her best to crawl. When sitting up, she will begin to rock....and rock and finally she will tip over. When on her belly she will begin to try and scoot. She has scooted but usually only backwards. She will get either the knees up or the elbow up....but so far not both at the same time. I am beginning to panic as I know their being mobile is the next chapter......we have one gating system but are looking for one for Valley. I have a feeling I will need it!!!!


Heather said...

Maddy is doing exactly what Kaydence is doing.. It's so funny she'll want to get something and get on all 4's start rocking.. then gets mad when she can't get to it.. she hasn't gotten the concept of you have to move. Ha.. I'll keep Thomas in my prayers with him eating. Hopefully his upcoming appointmets will help. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend in Valley!!

Lindsey Poulos said...

You know, now that you mention it, I am pretty sure that we had trouble with one of them eating too! In fact, I can't exactly remember which one it was, but I think it was Megan. And now that girl can eat! I am just telling you this to encourage you and let you know this is just the beginning of watching them develop individually. And most of the time, that is exactly the explanation. I found the trick was knowing when it was just that or was there something I should be concerned with. That tendency that all new moms have to compare our children's progress is exacerbated because we have two and we also compare them to one another. I will pray for God's wisdom and discernment for you. You are such a good mom with some doggone cute babies. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Kristi said...

What cute pics. They both always look so happy with big smiles. It is fun and neat to watch as the rock and scoot trying to crawl, but you are very right being mobil makes things a lot more difficult. The first week of both of my girls crawling is when I started getting overwhelmed. Once I watched them and baby proofed the things they didn't need to mess with and put up a gate between the living room and kitchen and living room and hallway, it made things a lot easier. Now they can either play and crawl back and forth in the hallway, their room and playroom which are all baby proofed so I don't have to constant follow every move; or they can play in just the living room which is also baby proofed but I never leave them on the loose in there without being watched, there is a little more in there that can't be completely baby proofed. Such as lamps and the cords, the fireplace gate, and the entertainment center. I did throw a blanket over the bricks of the fireplace so they won't bust their head open if they fall on it. Mobil is definetly the NEXT stage but after a few weeks of it you will figure out the not so safe things. Then it is really neat when they come crawling to you when you walk in the room.

Nana said...

Maddy can't you help your brother with this eating thing? He is being so messy! Surely he will get the hang of it soon....we will all be so excited when he does! Hang in there Thomas and mama!!!!!