The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Jones Christmas- Celebration 4

We celebrated Christmas Day with the extended Jones Family at Grandmama Jones' house.....what a great day. Sorry no pictures to share as we once again forgot the camera. It was a beautiful day with a house full of family! The angels were once again blessed with lots of toys!!! Special Thank you to Grandmama for the generous gifts of love for us all!!! The angels also got a great set of blocks from Grandmama. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!!!

Stay tuned as we celebrate with the immediate Jones Family on New Year's Day at Nana and Poppy's house!!! What fun that will be! Can hardly wait to see Miss Emma and Miss Ella!!!!

Santa- Celebration 3

After all the wonderful gifts we've received so far...what more could Santa possibly bring.....

Santa brought a new basketball goal for Thomas and Maddy, as well as a new doll and purse for Maddy and new trucks for Thomas! They also got a V-Tech V-Smile Computer to use with the TV....daddy is excited about that one! But...our greatest gift this Christmas has to be our Wee Angel, Morgan!!!

The Smith Christmas-Celebration 2

Donna, Cindy, and Nonnie sporting their Merry-Go-Round t-shirts....and Thomas giving Neal a "high-five".
Maddy eating a snack in the kitchen and Grandmother Smith saying hello to the camera! We love you Grandmother!

I am afraid I only have a few pics as we forgot our camera....oh but what fun we had! Dinner was delicious as always and the angels were spoiled beyond spoiled with the attention and toys! Thank you to The Smith's for making Christmas always so special!!! We want to especially thank Grandmother Smith for her generous gifts of love to the angels and also to Neal and Melissa for hosting! Merry Christmas! Now....heading to bed to wait for Santa...stay tuned....

The Harris Christmas-Celebration 1

Here is our first Christmas Celebration. This took place on Christmas Eve at our house with Nonnie, Cindy, Donna, and Aunt Stacey. The angels got lots of goodies....and learned a lot about bags, tissue, paper, boxes, and ribbon! We also learned the importance of batteries!!! The angels got soooo many toys...too many to mention them all. Some of the favorites are the new cleaning supplies (vacuum, broom, cleaning clothes, etc.) as well as the new construction/destruction toys (chain saw, jack-hammer, etc). Oh...and dare I not forget the new couch and guitar! What a great day with family...all before heading to destination 2 and The Smith Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts Nonnie, Donna, Cindy, and Aunt Stacey!!!! We love you!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas Pictures.....

There are still more pictures to come! We have pictures from Our Christmas, The Harris Christmas, The Smith Christmas, The extended Jones Christmas and we will be celebrating the immediate Jones Christmas next weekend! Stay tuned .......

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Santa Encounter!




Monday, December 21, 2009

Morgan's Announcement

For those of you who saw Thomas and Maddy's announcement...this is just like it except it has one tag instead of two. I am soooo proud that mama was able to get these for us! Thank you Nana!!!

More Christmas....

Friday, December 18, 2009

These are the days.....

We are having so much fun preparing for Christmas around here! It is a very busy time around our house...especially for me! Seems as though I am constantly chasing after my busy angels! They love the Christmas Tree and lights, and despite the gate...manage to still get into it! It is so much fun each morning to dress them in their Christmas outfits (thank you Mom/Nana)....I wish I could take more pictures as these days are flying by. Speaking of time flying...Morgan will be 1 month on Christmas Eve...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Meltdown Maddy....this is her with her purse. She wants so much for me to hold her but my hands were full with Morgan eating...shortly after taking the picture I played it back for her in the camera and she giggled. The meltdown didn't last long! She knows what she is doing! :=)

What a handsome Lil' nose and all!

And just look as this pretty Christmas Girl!

Ready for bed! Dreams of Sugar Plums Await!
And our precious wee angel....Morgan!