The Smith's

The Smith's
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Harris Christmas-Celebration 1

Here is our first Christmas Celebration. This took place on Christmas Eve at our house with Nonnie, Cindy, Donna, and Aunt Stacey. The angels got lots of goodies....and learned a lot about bags, tissue, paper, boxes, and ribbon! We also learned the importance of batteries!!! The angels got soooo many toys...too many to mention them all. Some of the favorites are the new cleaning supplies (vacuum, broom, cleaning clothes, etc.) as well as the new construction/destruction toys (chain saw, jack-hammer, etc). Oh...and dare I not forget the new couch and guitar! What a great day with family...all before heading to destination 2 and The Smith Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts Nonnie, Donna, Cindy, and Aunt Stacey!!!! We love you!

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