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The Smith's
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wow...what a busy time we are having. The angels are all adjusting very well. Morgan is such a good baby! She sleeps a lot and really only cries out when she is hungry or when I am changing her diaper/clothes...she does not like to be disturbed! I guess she got used to all the loudness that comes with 14 month old twins...b/c Thomas and Maddy do not seem to disturb her one bit! Maddy just loves Morgan. Points to her all the time, wants to touch her head and kiss her, and even says her name. She has shown no jealousy. As for Thomas....there has been quite a streak of jealousy. I thought it was continued teething but I do believe it to be more than that. Thomas is quite the lover and I am afraid and sad to admit that I am not in the floor hugging and loving on him as much as I did before. My hands tend to be more full with feedings, preparing meals, cleaning up, etc. I try...but can't quite meet the attention I gave him prior to Morgan. He is adjusting and will continue to get better I know...for now it is a lot more tears and pulling on my legs, etc. He loves on Morgan but can also be a bit rough if you aren't careful.....but he can be that way at times with Maddy. What he sees as love can sometimes be a bit hard.....but his heart is sooo good! Again, we are adjusting...we are ALL adjusting. I miss sleep ...that is for sure! However, I can't praise God enough for the 3 healthy angels that I have been sooooo very blessed with! I am a proud wife and very proud! Stay tuned for updates...we are still awaiting the EKG results from last week on Morgan...however, Dr. Flowers felt really good about her heart beat so I am optimistic it will be just fine!
P.S. We enjoyed a great game yesterday....RTR! Both teams played very well and it was quite the fun to watch! We are generally a War Eagle family but yesterday we were pulling for the Crimson!


Nana said...

Great update! It was sooooo good to get to love on the babies and hold sweet Morgan! You have been truely blessed, we all have!!!! kisses angels!

Tiff said...

I want to love all over those babies! Poor Thomas (I know it must be a hard adjustment) BUT just know it will get easier and easier! I have to admit that is the 1 thing I am so afraid of... how will Lyra adjust to another baby in the house (one day)... but I KNOW she will.... it's a huge change... but a VERY BLESSED ONE!
Hugs & Love!