The Smith's

The Smith's
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Friday, April 30, 2010

3 angels.....

Morgan - April 30th, 2010 (5 months)

Maddy - May 12, 2009 (7 months)
Thomas - May 12, 2009 (7 months)

All three angels - April 30th, 2010
Thomas and Maddy (18 months)
Morgan (5 months)

Fun at Nana and Poppy's.....

Playing in Nana's Glasses.......

Watching Blue's Clues in Poppy's Chair
We had a great visit at Nana and Poppy's house. Our daddy was we got some quality time with family! Each day we rode the ranger with daddy at the cabin and then it was back to Nana and Poppy's for some crazy fun!! We got to celebrate Mamaw's birthday, go for a beautiful stroll with Grandmama, checked out the new Walmart, enjoyed some awesome visitors, and played-played-played with Nana! We left her with a mess but boy was it fun! Thanks for a great visit everyone!!!!

Muscle Man.....

My Girls....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feed Store Field Trip

Maddy loves to look at the flowers.....
We have not been around too many kitty cats...MEOW!

Daddy wants one of these.....sadly, he'll just have to wait :)

Saturday, we took a little ride with our daddy down to the feed store...his home away from home :) Oh what fun and adventures can be found there......chicks, chickens, roosters, geese, ducks, dogs, cats, and more!

Cereal Mama??? How about steak?

Morgan did GREAT with her first meal of turning up the nose or spitting it at me! I think she is ready to skip this step and hit the buffet! :) One step at a time Miss Priss!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well Babies Update

Well, we had out well baby "babies" doctor's appointment yesterday. This was Morgan's 4 month and Thomas and Maddy's 18 month appointments! All is well, all is well!!!! How blessed we are to have 3 healthy angels!!!! We have still managed to stay antibiotic free around here! God is so good!!!! Here are the stats as of 4-15-10
Thomas: wt 23.3 (16%) ht 32.5 in (52%) head cir. 50 cm (94%) :)
Maddy: wt 22.9 (27%) ht 32inch (57%) head 47 cm (62%)
Morgan: wt 15.8 (78%) ht 24 in (23%) head cir 42cm (64%)
It won't be long before Miss Morgan catches up!
Sisterly Loving.....Being the oldest of two brothers I am soooo excited to watch this little sisterhood bond blossom!
All My Children....hehe!
This is Maddy trying to "annoy" her brother who was playing all by his lonesome...completely content until Maddy came along :) It got a little crowded....
This is my absolute favorite!!!! Oh what fun is ahead!

There is no going hungry around here! This is a pic I took of Morgan the other morning. She woke during the night starving so I gave her a bottle...a couple of hours later she woke smiling, ready to start her day! Here is the empty evidence from her midnight snack:)