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The Smith's
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's Appointment

Shannon and I had a doctors appointment today. Two weeks ago we saw our new OB at The Medical College (Dr. Jacobs). We were referred to a high risk doctor for an ultrasound to review the babies as well as my medical records due to the lupus and the fact that we are having twins. We saw Dr. Healthcott. We could immediately tell that he knew what he was doing. As it turns out, he advised us to see a high risk OB as well. We will no longer see Dr. Jacobs but will now see Dr. Holsten. What is really funny is that Dr. Holsten is from the Valley area. She even attended Smallwood. I really think we will like her and I feel 100% better knowing such informed doctors will be overseeing our pregnancy. I loved Dr. Jacobs personality but she was an intern and I feared that she had not dealt with too many high risk pregnancies....the Lord took care of all my worries and changed our path to other sets of hands and eyes. We are now scheduled for Dr. Holsten in 2 weeks, a fetal echo cardiogram on July 8th, and another ultrasound on the 23rd of July. We will also be getting weekly bio-physicals weekly that are similar to stress tests. It was a whirlwind but overall I feel secure knowing they are watching after our Thomas and Madelynn. I feel bad for Shannon as he already has so much on him with work and with us getting a home but he shows complete determination to attend all appointments. He is my strength!

I did get a few pictures so enjoy the profiles of Thomas (first two) and then Madelynn.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Travel System Thomas and Madelynn have a sweet ride or what! When we arrived home on Friday there were 5 boxes on the back step. Shannon got busy on Saturday and put together our Travel System. If you remember or read from a previous post, we were so blessed by the Knology Shower, that our friends at Knology gave, that we were able to purchase the entire Travel System! We got the double stroller, two car seats, and two extra bases. We chose the greatest pattern I is Rittenhouse by Graco (black and white). Shannon and I played with it and strolled around the house picturing ourselves with the twins going for a ride. I have to say....I can't imagine myself at this point venturing out on my own with this. It is a lot for one person to manage. We'll definitely have to get in some practice. I picked up both car seats as carriers without babies inside and had trouble walking...we'll see! Maybe I'll develop some muscle when the babies arrive. It has lots of great compartments though...cup holders, storage basket, etc. It does fold down easily but lifting it into the car may be challenging. I didn't try to lift it at this point....but it looks heavy! Tucker just watched in amazement....he really doesn't understand all of the new items we are bringing into our home! Hope you like the set!

Oh- Notice Shannon's t-shirt...that was one of his Father's Day presents. I am so proud he likes it and he wears it often!

The Party and Game

Last night we got to attend a great party.....Avery Whorton turned 3 years old! She had a Hawaiian Luau themed party. There were lots of kids enjoying the new water slide Avery got for her big day. I also got a great picture of Shannon and his sister Stacey!

After the party, we headed to the ballpark to watch one of our favorite players, Maegan Green. Maegan made All-Stars! It was an exciting amazes me the spunk those little girls have! Perhaps Thomas and Madelynn will be little athletes one day and we can pay our dues at the park. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beach Trip

We were so fortunate to go to the beach the last weekend in May. I had just finished up school and we decided to head for the sun and seafood. We rented chairs for one day and got all the sun we needed. We dined on wonderful seafood at Captain Anderson's, The Boatyard, Angelo's Steakhouse, and also got to visit the new Pier Park Shopping District. We were amazed at how Panama City has changed and continues to grow. Mama and daddy joined us as well and it all made for a great weekend away. Back to reality......

Here is a picture of me in my preggy bathing suit. I am so proud of my belly bump. Shannon took good care of me and babies....making sure we didn't get too much sun or get too hot.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Knology Shower

What a wonderful day! We had a shower at the home of Tanya Belk. She is a colleague of Shannon's but more importantly she is like family. She opened her home to us and the majority of Knology for a lunch baby shower in honor of Thomas and Madelynn. We enjoyed chicken tenders, chicken salad sandwiches, dips, chips, fruit and more. We also enjoyed the most wonderful petit fors from a place near Atlanta called Baby Cakes. They were DELICIOUS! I wish I had one right now!
It was a fun time visiting and eating. There was a lot of laughing, hugs, handshakes, and a few goodbyes as we prepare to move. We received precious outfits for Thomas and Madelynn as well as blankets, and the most adorable bag. The bag has blue and brown on one side with Thomas' name and pink and brown on the other with Madelynn's name. Natalie, the creator, revealed her creative and crafty side to us all.

We also received a most generous monetary gift collected from many in the Knology family. It was the perfect amount to purchase our double stroller, 2 car seats, and 2 extra bases (in picture below). I love our Rittenhouse selection by Graco and am thrilled to have these pieces now.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! I guess our picture takers were laughing too many are really blurry. Sorry!

Columbus Baby Shower

I had a wonderful lunch today at Mellow Mushroom in Columbus. My friend, Rachel Wright, organized a lunch with several of my friends and fellow teachers from Downtown Elementary. We met, ate pizza, talked baby, laughed, and hugged. It was a great time. What made it even more special was that a fellow friend and teacher at Downtown, Jenna Martin, attended. She is also pregnant with a set of twins (boy and girl). Jenna is due in July...though you wouldn't know it looking at her. We rubbed bellies and bonded over pregnancy talk......much of which I probably shouldn't post! :-) All in all it was a great day. We got a pink and blue piggy bank for Thomas and Madelynn as well as gift cards to work on our registry items. We got 1 gift card to Target and 3 to Babies R Us. I am thrilled as there is still SO much to get!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I wanted to share pictures of the bedding sets I ordered today as well as our travel system. The bedding set is by Kidsline, My First ABC and the travel system is by Graco, The Rittenhouse Quattro Duo Stroller and SafeSeat. We have been so fortunate. My mamaw bought us the large Pack n Play that you see in the photo. It is the one with the storage underneath. It is HUGE! It will be perfect for the twins, especially while they are so young and we are traveling. The bedding set will hopefully (fingers crossed) be here in 3 weeks. We already have family wanting to buy one of the bedding sets. The Rittenhouse travel system will be purchased in a week thanks to a shower Shannon's work is giving us. The travel system consists of the stroller (Quattro Duo), 2 infant SafeSeats, and 2 extra bases for easy transport. You can see them all in the pictures. We still have to get mattresses, changing pad, etc. There is so much to do but it is hard not knowing where the actual nursery will be.

Please say extra prayers on the house! We are hopeful that God will lead just the right person along and it will sell shortly so we can find us a home for these babies. Whatever comes though...we know God is in control and He has a plan that is best for us all.

My cousin sent me a great phrase that I have heard many times....but am lately finding more and more true. "The WILL of God will never lead us where the GRACE of God can't keep us"! He is in control....we must let go and let God!

Hugs and love everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Pictures

Here are more pictures from Baby Waves. I just can't get over seeing them so close!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baby Waves

Today we went to Baby Waves in Columbus. We are officially 21 weeks so we thought it was time to get our first 4D Ultrasound done of Thomas and Madelynn. We also wanted to confirm what we had been told in Atlanta...that we have a boy and a girl. We felt sure, but when it came time for ultrasounds at our OB we could only find Thomas' little boy parts and Madelynn just would not cooperate. So....I needed confirmation! Off to Baby Waves we went! It was a GREAT experience! They really know what they are doing and left no doubt in our minds about the genders! It was a great time. We had a difficult time seeing Madelynn as Thomas' rear is right in her face and gave the technician fits when it came to getting her pictures. She had me turning and moving around to try and get them to move. She even pushed on my belly trying to turn Madelynn...that was not a comfortable experience.....but did the trick. Thomas is just slightly bigger weighing in at 15 oz and Madelynn is 14 oz. The technician let us know that in her history of doing this...the girl always is slightly smaller. They both have their own placenta as well. All in was a great experience...hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Bedding

I think I have narrowed down my baby bedding choice to "My First ABC" by Kidsline. I ordered the pillow and hamper to be sure I am happy with the colors. Here is a sample picture....I hope you like it...Shannon and I do. I guess next is ordering the sets!