The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morgan-9 Months

This was a camera pic of her standing at the door/window....that I just cleaned :0
Morgan loves to sit/ride in the car and Thomas and Maddy love to push her around!

Morgan is already standing on her own.......keeping up with Thomas and Maddy is hard work but she is one determined little girl!!!!

All in a Day's Work!

This farming life is hard work!


Maddy, Morgan and I had a girlie date to a Kelly's Kid's Party at our friend Mrs. Carla's house! What fun!!! Maddy even helped me pick them out matching outfits! Love my girlie time with my best girls!!!!


Nothing compares to our Dad-da's Chicken!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Another camera phone picture I just had to share. Morgan is pulling herself up and standing!!!! What a big girl...she is growing waaaayyy toooooo fast for this momma!!!!

Baskets of fun....

More pajama fun before bedtime......
Maddy offering Morgan a goodnight kiss....

Play Date....

Another wonderful Multiple Mommy play date in the church nursery.....what a great setting for all our kiddos and mommies!!!!

Here we have Will, Thomas in the table, Anslee, Lucas, Maddy, Ava, and Alyssa.
Thomas and Will on the teeter totter

Snack Time
Looking forward to next week :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School

Here are Thomas and Maddy walking into church with their was "Blessing of the Book Bags" Sunday! My heart and prayers go out to all our teachers, students, and school workers/volunteers that will resume full time tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Miss Mayberry.......

So....what do you do on hot July night with the power out.....well, you just move the crew to the front porch! Notice the newest swing Shannon built....he wanted a new and bigger swing than the one before....he said this one will fit the whole family :) After 3 hours of swinging, painting toenails, singing, and so on....we called it a night around 10pm ...after all, we did have church the next morning. As soon as we put the angels down for bed the lights came back on....what a blessing......we were rescued from a hot sleep! I have to say we had several offers from friends to come and stay the night.....but we truly enjoyed the experience. We all need to be reminded of the things we take for granted sometimes.....and Maddy got a fresh set of pink toes for church :)

This all reminded me of the Andy Griffith Show and the song "I Miss Mayberry"......simple times!


After a few hours at the water park.....EXHAUSTED!!!!!

Water Park

Last Friday we all headed down to the water park in Auburn. Shannon's Aunt Donna was visiting for the weekend so we decided to do something a little fun and different to beat the heat! Thomas, Maddy, Jackie (Nonnie), Aunt Cindy, Aunt Donna, Shannon and I all headed down to play in the water! My mom (Nana) came to spend the time with Morgan in the nice cool a/c at home! We did have fun......but they wore out fast. Here they are prior to the departure......

Just before leaving to go to the water park....Maddy fell on the cement carport outside and busted her lip.....what a mess. She looked like she had botox done or something......almost a week later it has almost healed completely! Boy do we keep the boo-boo's around here!