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The Smith's
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Belly Pic

Mama has been requesting an updated picture of my belly. It is not that I am is just hard to find a time when I am looking somewhat okay and Shannon is home to take a picture. We took this picture last night before leaving for a baseball game. The look didn't last long at the game as I was SO VERY HOT! I think pregnancy adds about 10 degrees to the normal temperature and not being able to sit and move normally along with constant Braxton Hicks makes it even harder. Don't get me wrong...I love being pregnant and wouldn't trade this time for anything...but it does tend to make simple things a bit harder and more uncomfortable. Shannon says he can see differences in my belly weekly. It is definitely growing! I am having a harder and harder time finding something to wear as I don't want to invest in more clothes. I was speaking with a pediatrician at our newborn class Thursday night and he said that we would be in good shape if we can make it to week 34...that is only one week away. Shannon and I are thinking another couple of weeks but who knows...we could still have a month. We'll keep you posted! Have a great Labor Day Weekend! War Eagle!


I just had to share as I am cracking up watching/listening to him. Tucker is all cramped up with his head on the wall snoring (loudly). I promise...he does have a large, comfy pillow to rest on. I have never seen him do this or hear him snore like this. I took the pic with my camera phone so again it is a bit cloudy. I hope you find it as funny as I do!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Shannon and I are both sad about missing the first tailgate this weekend! We have a full weekend here in Augusta. Shannon is on call all weekend and he is cooking for the Call Center on Monday. Last night we enjoyed a very informative Childcare/Newborn class. We learned A LOT of info that we will be sharing with family and friends. I wanted to share this picture with you....Shannon and I had lunch today and I snapped it with my camera phone. He isn't so sure about the shirt but I think he looks VERY handsome! Have a great weekend....War Eagle!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today we had another BPP and NST. We scored 10 out of 10 again which is a great thing! The babies are doing well!!! Dr. Holsten is on vacation this week so I am saying extra prayers that Thomas and Madelynn will be extra good and patient! During the BPP ultrasound today, we found out that Maddy has turned yet again. Not only did she turn...but her feet are on top of Thomas' head and I fear she is kicking him in the head. Shannon says that Maddy is going to pay me back for all of the hard times I gave my parents. I admit...I was hard at times...but mostly stubborn and set in my ways. Mama and daddy let me make many of my own choices and supported me in a lot of my decisions. I don't see this as such a bad thing but it has led to my being a bit more stubborn than most. However, I do want to share that Shannon can be a bit stubborn also so I fear our babies don't have a choice but share the same stubborness (we are both first borns...what do you expect)! Either way....we are thrilled and will love them no matter what their little personalities bring. What does bother me right now that my little Thomas is getting knocked in the head by his sister and he has done nothing but do the right thing since the beginning by being first head down and in position. Poor fella! Please say a prayer that Madelynn will turn soon as the likelihood of her doing it gets less as they get older/bigger. I just want to at least have a shot at a vaginal delivery! We go back next Tuesday for another BPP, NST, and growth ultrasound as well as an appt with Dr. Holsten. I am anxious to find out their weights as it seems they get heavier by the day!


Saturday, August 23, 2008


I wanted to share the latest pictures of the nursery. Shannon was a great help today as we got the prints and animals hung! Thanks mom for helping us get the pieces that go with our nursery. I want to also thank Jackie for the polka dot crosses and precious elephant lamp. The solid pink and blue crosses are from my mom as well. I guess now everyone can see why we gave Madelynn the middle name of "Cross". I have crosses everywhere and feel so much comfort seeing them in the nursery. I am also sharing some pictures of the armoire again and the closet. I was a bit selfish to pick the room I did for the babies. It is the smallest room in the house and also has the smallest closet, but it is the closest bedroom to our master bedroom. I want them as close to us as I can get them!!! It is a bit crowded but sweet....and I hope that Thomas and Maddy will enjoy it as much as I do! Every time I sit in there..I get this overwhelming peace. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a note...

Yesterday, Dr. Holsten did another Fetal Fibronectin Test. It is the same test they did the last time I was admitted to L&D. Last time it came back positive but they don't really use the positive results, however if it comes back negative, that does have a 99% probability that labor is off for 2 weeks. Well, the one done yesterday did come back negative so that is a great thing to hear. We just got the results this morning so I wanted to let you know. We did have many more contractions last night but this morning has been better. Click on the link above to read more about the test.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's Appointment

Today we began a new series of appointments that we will now go to weekly. They are called NSTs and BPPs or NonStressTests and BioPhysicalProfiles. The BPP is an ultrasound that scores you in 4 areas (I can't remember them all) and gives a total of 8 points if all is good. We scored 8! The NST is where they hook each baby to a fetal heart monitor and me to a contraction monitor. They are looking for fluctuations in heartbeat and also movement and how the babies react to movement. According to the nurse, normal heartbeat range is 120-160. Her goal is to get them above 160 in reaction to stimulation. They did that but without her stimulating but by their own means which was another good sign. They scored 2 of the 2 points needed giving us a perfect score of 10 in all! However, while there, we did find that I am still having contractions. I have been telling Shannon that my belly tightens and then releases but I thought it was the babies pushing out....well, it is contractions. The contractions however are merely Braxton Hicks. Dr. Holsten did check me and I am completely closed so no real worries at this point. We pray the babies will hold on another 4-6 weeks. We are currently at 31 weeks and 4 days (I know the blog says 32+) but based on the Oct. 18th due date we are 31 and 4. That is the date MCG uses. So...for now...Thomas and Madelynn are just snug as bugs in my belly and having to put up with this tightening uterus of mine. It isn't pleasant but we can put up with it as long as it is not the "real" thing. No pictures today. They did give us three, but I don't plan to post. One is of Madelynn's nose only...just funny and the other two are their private parts which we plan to keep private. Keep checking in as I will keep you posted on "The Smith's" and our little adventures!

Have a blessed day!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Weekend

Wow....what a great weekend we had! Shannon was beside himself getting to eat
Buffalo Wild Wings two nights in a didn't turn out so well for me though. My ankles swelled from eating too many boneless wings...but seeing Shannon so happy made it worth it (I guess:-)
While Shannon had meetings in West Point on Friday, I drove up and visited my friends at Rosemont. I truly do miss the school and all the teachers and staff I worked with. Rosemont is such a special place filled with special friends that are like family. I bet I received over 100 hugs while there! It was a joy to see so many smiling and familiar faces!
On Saturday I went to have lunch with Mama, Grandmama, Mamaw, Jeremy, Lacy, Ella, and the princess Emma. Emma will turn 7 on Wednesday! I can't even believe it. I love my time with them all but absolutely cherish the moments I get with Emma. I teased her saying that I wish UPS could overnight her to my house! I think she actually considered it!
On Saturday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful cookout-baby shower with our friends. Trina and Stephen Green as well as Laurie and Jason Osborne hosted. What a wonderful treat it was. We had several couples that mean a lot to Shannon and I attend and we all enjoyed the great food that was prepared. Stephen, Shannon and Jason manned the grill cooking up POUNDS of chicken while Laurie and Trina prepared yummies like mac and cheese and baked beans, and different dips with chips and fruit. There was also an adorable pink and blue cake that looked a lot like a quilt. I am so thankful to all that attended and the sweet gifts we received. We have been so blessed by all our friends and can't wait to introduce everyone to Thomas and Madelynn. I want to especially thank the Green's and Osbornes' again for everything!!! extra thank you to Stephen and Trina for a wonderful stay! We feel more like family than friends and it means so much that you always open your home to us! Love you!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I thought I'd show the two 4D pictures next to each other. Thomas was taken on July 23rd and Madelynn's was taken today. I can't wait to meet these two face to face!!!

Maddy Turned!!!



Today was a wonderful day at the doctor! We had another ultrasound and found out that Maddy has turned. Thomas has been head down since the beginning but Maddy has been breech. I told Shannon last week that they were moving a lot..more than usual...and it wouldn't surprise me if Maddy had turned. Well, she did!!! We are thrilled. This ups our chances for a vaginal delivery. I am game either way, but would love to try a vaginal delivery if at all possible. Thomas is still positioned so that he would be first but it makes us feel so good to know that they are ear to ear talking to each other! I am gaining is good I know but hard to see on the scale regardless. They are also gaining weight. Thomas is now 3lbs 5 ounces and Madelynn is 3 lbs 10 ounces. This is a pound gain in that last 3 weeks. They are really growing. The doctor says everything looks good and we are on our way!!! Hope you enjoy the pics. Just to explain....all pics are of Maddy except one. The pic that says profile A is Thomas. It is hard to see'll see his forehead to the far right and then his nose bump and then lips bump and then chin. We didn't get 4D's of Thomas this time....but he did get his taken a few weeks back. Maddy looks like she also has Shannon's nose...which I can't tell if Shannon is happy about that or not. I keep telling him they'll grow into them! I think they look precious!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Weekend

Wow...what a wonderful weekend we've had. First, Jackie and Stacey came to visit on Friday afternoon. We enjoyed some visiting time before heading out to dinner. We went to a local restaurant downtown called The Cotton Patch. It is an outdoor cafe type restaurant with live music. We laughed and talked and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was slightly warm....but we managed and had a great evening overall. On Saturday we went to breakfast and then had a time of browsing at the local Babies R Us. The timing was great as they were holding a class on breastfeeding. Jackie, Stacey, and Shannon patiently waiting as I participated. Jackie was so excited I think to be surrounded by baby galore! Jackie even purchased the matching lamp and an additional crib sheet that goes with our bedding sets. Jackie and Stacey had to get on the road shortly after. Again, it was such a great visit!
Shortly after their departure, my mama and daddy arrived! We unloaded the remainder of the shower gifts that I had not been able to bring back with us from the 2 Eufaula showers. We then visited and caught up before getting ready for dinner. Again, we decided to take them to The Cotton Patch. We walked around the riverfront prior to eating. It is a beautiful sight to see....and I just love watching the families enjoy the park areas. We also enjoyed a great dinner! The music was really good as well. It is so nice to just sit and enjoy the time together. On Sunday, Daddy, Shannon and I took off for breakfast. We then came back to the house to get mama and we were out the door again. Mama and I dropped the men off at the bookstore while we went to Target. My plan was to purchase the humidifier but that was an overwhelming task. I want to get what will be best for the we decided to wait and discuss it with the pediatrician to see if they had recommendations for us. We did purchase a couple of fans for the babies room and our guest room. We then picked up the men and headed for Babies R Us....yes, Shannon was a good sport as he is not into this baby shopping so much and this made for 2 days in a row. Mama got the animals and blocks to go above the crib as well as some more detergent for the babies clothes. I can't wait to get the items hung and share a pic with you! We then ate at Red Robin before returning to the house to wave them good-bye. It was sad saying bye as I/we enjoy their company. All in all it was a great weekend....busy....too fast....but great. Thank you all for coming to see us and for all the little treats you seem to find and do while with us! We appreciate your love and support!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I just wanted to send out an update on what is going on up here. I have been knee deep in wonderful baby gifts. I have been washing and folding some of the most precious baby clothes there has to be! Thomas and Madelynn are so blessed by everyone's support. I have purchased a couple of new items with the gift cards but am holding on to most of them to find out what we need for sure before buying anything else.

The babies are getting more active by the day. It is amazing to feel both of them pushing and turning. Every now and then I'll get a fist or knee or foot pushing completely can almost grab it. I can push gently back and it will let go or move...that is the coolest! I never knew I would feel them so strongly....It amazes me that they are here in my belly....following my every move.

I am truly enjoying this time (despite the heat) and trying not to let a moment slip by without knowing just how blessed we are! Today I plan to go visit with a friend I haven't see in years....she and her family live here in Augusta. She has two sweet babies herself. Well, I hope this gives you a bit of an update on what we're up to. Have a blessed day!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shannon's Cabin Time

I had to share some pictures from Shannon's weekend as well. He and Tucker had a great "Daddy-Doggy" day on Friday. On Saturday, my dad (blue shirt and hat), Mr. Billy (beard and hat), and Mr. Bob (no hat) joined Shannon for a day of fun, sun and sweat. They did some plowing as well as dropping seed. Shannon really enjoys his time at the cabin and Tucker really enjoys being with his daddy. It makes me wince to see my Tucker Man so muddy.....but I am learning to let go and let him have fun. I just tell Shannon he must be white again once we get home! Enjoy the pics!

Shower Weekend

This weekend was an absolute joy. Shannon and I left with Tucker, headed for Eufaula. Shannon was to get in quality "cabin" time with Tucker and I was to spend time with my mom and attend two showers that were hosted for Thomas and Madelynn. The weekend was a blur as it all passed too quickly. On Saturday morning, my cousin Steph, Grandmama, Nanee (Aunt Sharon), Aunt Beth and LaraLea, hosted a shower. It was a total family shower. We had family join us from as far as North Carolina. It was an absolute joy to reunite with everyone as well as celebrate Thomas and Maddy on the way! We got wonderful gifts to add to the babies nursery as well as a generous gift card to Babies R Us! Thank you to all my feels so good to know that we have your love and support!

On Saturday afternoon, mom and I headed to Mrs. Karen's home. She is a long time friend of my mom and has always been a huge support of me as I venture through life. Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Sharon (one of mama's best friends), Mrs. Lee, and Mrs. Betty hosted a beautiful shower for Thomas and Madelynn. It was a wonderful event as friends came from distances, as well as from close to home. Kathryn drove in from Bham, Melanie from Americus, and Mrs. Vickie from Newnan. Mrs. Sharon's girls drove in as well....Carly from Memphis and Sunny from Bham. I truly enjoyed seeing faces that I have not seen in years. We all laughed, shared stories, and caught up on each other's lives. We got wonderful gifts to add to the nursery. We received Bumbos, a bathtub, Diaper Champ, our two high chairs, clothes, decorative items, toys, and more. It is amazing how blessed we are to have such generous and supportive friends and family. Thank you to all those who love and support us and gave such wonderful gifts to help us prepare for our little angels!!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Shannon and Tucker are getting in some good quality time together at the cabin. I just had to share this pic. If you know about our engagement...this is the bench overlooking a great distance on some of our family land (Espy), where Shannon asked me to marry him. It is a high point on Espy.....a beautiful spot! Tucker sure seems to like it too! If it is a bit is because it was taken on camera phone.