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The Smith's
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today we had another BPP and NST. We scored 10 out of 10 again which is a great thing! The babies are doing well!!! Dr. Holsten is on vacation this week so I am saying extra prayers that Thomas and Madelynn will be extra good and patient! During the BPP ultrasound today, we found out that Maddy has turned yet again. Not only did she turn...but her feet are on top of Thomas' head and I fear she is kicking him in the head. Shannon says that Maddy is going to pay me back for all of the hard times I gave my parents. I admit...I was hard at times...but mostly stubborn and set in my ways. Mama and daddy let me make many of my own choices and supported me in a lot of my decisions. I don't see this as such a bad thing but it has led to my being a bit more stubborn than most. However, I do want to share that Shannon can be a bit stubborn also so I fear our babies don't have a choice but share the same stubborness (we are both first borns...what do you expect)! Either way....we are thrilled and will love them no matter what their little personalities bring. What does bother me right now that my little Thomas is getting knocked in the head by his sister and he has done nothing but do the right thing since the beginning by being first head down and in position. Poor fella! Please say a prayer that Madelynn will turn soon as the likelihood of her doing it gets less as they get older/bigger. I just want to at least have a shot at a vaginal delivery! We go back next Tuesday for another BPP, NST, and growth ultrasound as well as an appt with Dr. Holsten. I am anxious to find out their weights as it seems they get heavier by the day!



Nana said...

I wonder just how big her feet are...poor Thomas. We will have to to rub his head a little when he gets out of there. I hope they are patient for a few more weeks, but, just in case my bags are packed!

Renee said...

Your nursery is beautiful! Poor Thomas. What a joy it will be when you get to hold them both!


Lindsey Poulos said...

I know that you are getting so excited...and so big. I am guessing this because this is about the point in my pregnancy that I thought I couldn't get any bigger. Surprise, can. But so will those babies. Which will keep them healthy and strong. I am so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see pictures in a few short weeks.