The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smiles are Priceless!!!!

Maddy was trying to sit in Thomas' lap to read her story...silly girl!
They LOVE their books!!!!

Maddy showing off her book, "There Was An Old Lady" and then Maddy kissing her first true love...her Daddy!

Our precious angel Morgan.....
I can't believe she is big enough already for the bumbo!
All smiles after church today.
Silly grin.....don't know where she gets that!
We have had a busy time around here. As many of you may know, Shannon's beautiful grandmother, Phyllis Smith, passed this week. She was buried couldn't have been a prettier day! What a precious spirit she had! She will be missed! I am so thankful for the time she got with the angels and for their time with her! She was so good to come with Jackie and keep the babies while I went to various doctors appointments with Morgan. We love you Grandmother!!!!!
We have also been through our share of colds, teething, etc. Shannon still has his cold going on and Thomas has shown no sign of his teething letting up! Bless him, he wakes each morning with half a fist in his mouth just chewing away. Both angels have chapped cheeks and noses despite the Vaseline I keep them caked in! Oh how ready we are for SPRING!!!!! We have truly enjoyed this tease of a weekend as we have played played played in the sunshine!!!
Morgan is finally taking a bottle!!! Yaa!!! It has been hard on us all....both she and I did not want to let go of the strong bond we had going but necessity calls! I must get back on some meds necessary for me and the timing was just right. I am sooo proud of this little angel! She puts up with a lot of noise and has tremendous patience....she has to in this house :) What a gift she has been to us all! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our True Opinion

Here is a picture Shannon captured of Thomas and Maddy....this is their true opinion of the snow! I guess it is like the sand at the beach...not a big favorite of theirs! Hopefully they'll learn to enjoy it...I think it has something to do with their stability ....makes them uncomfortable. At least it made for a priceless picture!


We have some stuffy noses around here so our daddy just carried us out for a bit of cool air and closer look at the snow! We enjoyed the wintery white from the warmth of the front door!

Morgan...our wee Valentine!

Morgan's Baptism is Sunday....I can hardly wait to dedicate this little angel to The Lord! What a blessed way to spend this snowy-white, Valentine's Weekend!

Giggles and Grins....

What do you do when it is sooo cold outside you can't get out.....Take Silly Pictures!!!

Thomas with his face against Morgan's her some love while enjoying his milk!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying Time.....

This picture is just too precious for words.....priceless! Thomas can't stand to wear shoes and if you notice...he is diligently trying to remove them.....what a great shot of this little angel!
Here is Maddy leaning in to try and get a kiss only to bust her lip!
Notice the blood in the second picture...yes, that is blood on the face of a smiling Maddy!
The first picture gives you a clue as to how they always want what the other one has. Maddy has her debit card, but she is eyeing that truck! The second picture is Thomas watching TV...this is one of the rare moments in which he "stopped". You can also see Maddy in the background...she loves her shoes, but loves untying them even more...even double knotted!
And here is our precious, smiling, adorable little angel Morgan! This is how she greeted me this morning! What a joy!
Boy does time fly around here. I start my day around 4:45am and it is non-stop until around 10pm or 10:30 every night! Thomas and Maddy have enough curiosity to kill 10 cats I do believe (as the saying goes)...and they find themselves in trouble letting it get the best of them :) No drawer is safe, no cabinet locked enough, no object not worthy of trying to climb! BUSY!!!! I am one happy mama very blessed!!! Thomas and Maddy are growing and changing daily....amazes me how much they change and h0w aware they are. They love to give kisses....but can spark some heated battles as well.....oh how they are learning "social skills" so well! Speaking of growing and social skills...Morgan is getting bigger and more alert as well. She is cooing and giggling and giving the biggest smiles!!! Melts my heart! God is soooo good!!! We have been sooo blessed!
Last weekend we joined the fam at Jeb and Lacy's in Athens to Celebrate Jeb's Birthday. What fun we had.....Thomas and Maddy loved the time with their big cousin's Emma and Ella! Jeb and Lacy were soooo brave allowing us to move in for the night! What an awesome setup they have for our little family....we felt right at home!
This week is all about Miss Morgan. Sunday is her Baptism! We'd be honored to have you join us. We will be baptizing our angel at 8:45am EST at Langdale UMC in Valley. What a blessed way to spend Valentine's Day!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One word: BUSY!!!!

Well, I don't know what I am running on, but if I could bottle it and sell it I'd be a millionaire! Exhaustion is the key word around here.....but that doesn't mean we aren't having fun! We are making memories, discovering new things, and running silly! This weekend was a whirlwind. I had 3 back to back Chez Ami parties that went well despite the weather! Thank you to my hostesses for supporting me in this....I love children's clothes and I absolutely love this endeavor that I've taken on! (Side note: I can take orders at anytime!!!! Just let me know how I can help! Rep 578174) Anyways, back to the angels. You can see the pictures of Thomas and Maddy in their Chez Ami from fall...they were feeding each other chex mix before the party....Maddy loves taking care of Thomas. She can be a bit of a stinker sometimes as she is the bossier of the two (don't know where she gets that) and Thomas can be the more "allowing child" but all in all they play so well together and truly love each other. From kisses to hugs to giggles it is obvious these two will be close! I just have to tell you some of the things they are doing. They can take directions soooo well....even 2 and 3 step directions. For example, Thomas had a cloth last night and Maddy wanted it. She LOVES to clean. I told her to go to my drawer and get another one from the kitchen. We were in the living room. She went and came back with 3. I then told her to take 2 back and just keep one. Shannon and I watched as she tried and tried to get two back in the drawer. Mind you , she can't see "in" the drawer, she is just reaching. She put 2 back, kept 1 and was completely content. She then proceeded to clean our heads, the furniture, the floor, etc. I can also give her a sippy and tell her to take a swallow and give some to Thomas which she will do also. Thomas takes directions....but often gets sidetracked...things distract and interest his little curious mind so much. I wish you could see the excitement he gets out of things. He has the most wet and juicy kiss you have ever received!!! It is pure sugar as Nana says!
We are having a blast! They love Baby Morgan soooo much! They try to kiss her, wipe her face (which can be dangerous) and are constantly aware of her being in the room. They check on her lots! Morgan is such a good baby and puts up with A LOT....from all of us! I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but she looks JUST LIKE HER DADDY! She is the most lovable, affectionate child I have ever met. I don't remember Thomas and Maddy requiring me to hold them as much as she does, or needing that constant closeness. She is a peaceful little angel....especially when on your shoulder! However, we are still struggling with nighttime. I am trying the "let her cry" method but it isn't working. She cries till she can't breath...she wants to be on our chests with us.....makes for less than good sleep! Oh well....these days are passing too quickly so why let this get us upset! There will be time for day! These are the moments....these are the memories....what a blessed mama I am!!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!