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The Smith's
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying Time.....

This picture is just too precious for words.....priceless! Thomas can't stand to wear shoes and if you notice...he is diligently trying to remove them.....what a great shot of this little angel!
Here is Maddy leaning in to try and get a kiss only to bust her lip!
Notice the blood in the second picture...yes, that is blood on the face of a smiling Maddy!
The first picture gives you a clue as to how they always want what the other one has. Maddy has her debit card, but she is eyeing that truck! The second picture is Thomas watching TV...this is one of the rare moments in which he "stopped". You can also see Maddy in the background...she loves her shoes, but loves untying them even more...even double knotted!
And here is our precious, smiling, adorable little angel Morgan! This is how she greeted me this morning! What a joy!
Boy does time fly around here. I start my day around 4:45am and it is non-stop until around 10pm or 10:30 every night! Thomas and Maddy have enough curiosity to kill 10 cats I do believe (as the saying goes)...and they find themselves in trouble letting it get the best of them :) No drawer is safe, no cabinet locked enough, no object not worthy of trying to climb! BUSY!!!! I am one happy mama very blessed!!! Thomas and Maddy are growing and changing daily....amazes me how much they change and h0w aware they are. They love to give kisses....but can spark some heated battles as well.....oh how they are learning "social skills" so well! Speaking of growing and social skills...Morgan is getting bigger and more alert as well. She is cooing and giggling and giving the biggest smiles!!! Melts my heart! God is soooo good!!! We have been sooo blessed!
Last weekend we joined the fam at Jeb and Lacy's in Athens to Celebrate Jeb's Birthday. What fun we had.....Thomas and Maddy loved the time with their big cousin's Emma and Ella! Jeb and Lacy were soooo brave allowing us to move in for the night! What an awesome setup they have for our little family....we felt right at home!
This week is all about Miss Morgan. Sunday is her Baptism! We'd be honored to have you join us. We will be baptizing our angel at 8:45am EST at Langdale UMC in Valley. What a blessed way to spend Valentine's Day!!!!


Nana said...

Bountiful blessings!!!

scott and leanne said... that pic of Thomas at the door. Hey I still want to order bathing suits for the girls. When I get to moms next week I will have time to look at them and decide. Sorry I didn't get it in with your order last weekend!

Anna said...

i just LOVE that smile! precious and priceless! now that will make your day!