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The Smith's
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smiles are Priceless!!!!

Maddy was trying to sit in Thomas' lap to read her story...silly girl!
They LOVE their books!!!!

Maddy showing off her book, "There Was An Old Lady" and then Maddy kissing her first true love...her Daddy!

Our precious angel Morgan.....
I can't believe she is big enough already for the bumbo!
All smiles after church today.
Silly grin.....don't know where she gets that!
We have had a busy time around here. As many of you may know, Shannon's beautiful grandmother, Phyllis Smith, passed this week. She was buried couldn't have been a prettier day! What a precious spirit she had! She will be missed! I am so thankful for the time she got with the angels and for their time with her! She was so good to come with Jackie and keep the babies while I went to various doctors appointments with Morgan. We love you Grandmother!!!!!
We have also been through our share of colds, teething, etc. Shannon still has his cold going on and Thomas has shown no sign of his teething letting up! Bless him, he wakes each morning with half a fist in his mouth just chewing away. Both angels have chapped cheeks and noses despite the Vaseline I keep them caked in! Oh how ready we are for SPRING!!!!! We have truly enjoyed this tease of a weekend as we have played played played in the sunshine!!!
Morgan is finally taking a bottle!!! Yaa!!! It has been hard on us all....both she and I did not want to let go of the strong bond we had going but necessity calls! I must get back on some meds necessary for me and the timing was just right. I am sooo proud of this little angel! She puts up with a lot of noise and has tremendous patience....she has to in this house :) What a gift she has been to us all! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!


Nana said...

Thomas is just like all other men, he doesn't want to share the couch!!! Morgan is a Bumbo angel now! kisses angels...

Nana said...

Daddy and I went to see Dear John, the movie, it was a sweet story. We all forget the sacrifices our soldiers make in order to keep their first committment-to serve and defend! It really touched me since I am an Army brat! God Bless our Military and their families!

Anna said...

oh i LOVE the smiles and giggles! dont they just make your day! :)

TNCarrolls said...

Hey! This is Rhonda from over at Sew Personal Designs. I just now saw your comment so I hope it hasn't been a long time since you left it! I have my contact info on my blog but my e-mail address is
BTW...your children are adorable! (and I love their outfits! :) )

scott and leanne said...

What precious smiles....and Morgan is getting so big!I don't know how you do it with three small ones....but you sure do have it all together. I feel like I am barely floating above water sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I can't wait to meet you and your little angels!

Kim said...

Those smiles are priceless indeed! Love you guys!