The Smith's

The Smith's
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Vacuum

Oh...the vacuum. Evidently the angels get their love of cleaning from me...however I am about to the point of hiding the vacuum. The angels love it...they love it sooo much they never want to turn it off! Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing such wee cleaning angels......have a blessed day!


You are all invited to join us for Morgan's Baptism on February 14th at 8:45am at Langdale United Methodist Church. Dress is casual as it is the contemporary service! We are soooo excited about this special moment in our family's life!!! Please be in prayer for this day! If you would like to join and have any questions, please let me know what I can do to help! Much love!

Monday's Appt!

Yaaa....good reports all around! I have three beautiful, healthy, happy, angels!!! Dr. Flowers was so pleased! This was his first time meeting Thomas and Maddy! They really took to him also! Shannon had to work (bless him-he does not like to miss an appt) and so mama (Nana) met us at the doctors office! What a visit it was! 3 angels getting well visit check ups and shots equals one pooped mama and Nana! All in all it was a great experience! First, Thomas: Weight 22lbs and 5 oz (15%), height was 68%, and head circumference, an astounding 94% (he has his daddy's head) :). Dr. Flowers was not concerned with his eating at this point. He said to just continue the baby food and try table foods as Thomas is willing. He laughed when I said he has no trouble eating wood, dirt, etc. Dr. Flowers was also proud of his milk drinking....he gets that from me! Thomas got 2 thumbs up from Dr. Flowers and big kiss from mama! Yaa buddy! Second, Maddy: Weight 22lbs and 3 oz (33%), height 58% and head circ. 76%. Dr. Flowers commented on Maddy's staring and observation skills. She is a people watcher!!!! He also commented on both angels pretty teeth! I was so proud of Maddy as she sat in Nana's lap and was so cooperative for Dr. Flowers as he listened to her heart and checked her ears. I told him how she loves to eat whatever mama and daddy are eating and is such an imaginative player....with her cleaning and baby loving and phone talking! Dr. Flowers gave Maddy 2 thumbs up as well!!! Yaaa Maddy!!!!! Third up was Baby Morgan: Boy is she growing!!!! Morgan was 2 months Sunday. She weighs 11lbs 5oz (59%), height 34%, and head circ. 65 %. You just wouldn't believe how much she looks like Shannon....spitting image!!! Dr. Flowers looked at her herniated belly button and said he was not concerned and that it should correct itself by age 4 if not sooner! He also said she is colic and that we could try the gripe water to see if it helps. He also said to start working on a schedule for sleeping, etc. No suggestions on the bottle issues...she refuses a bottle! We are still nursing but would love to try a bottle occasionally but she has nothing to do with it...we'll keep trying!
Overall, Dr. Flowers was very happy and impressed with our healthy angels! In the end, we left with Thomas and Maddy both receiving one shot and Morgan three shots. All three angels took them well and rested well last night! We will see Dr. Flowers for our next well baby check up on April 15th! Blessings!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Angels

It seems like forever since I was able to get some pictures on here! I hope you enjoy! Please overlook the chapped faces...we have been dealing with stuffy noses, watery eyes, and dry skin. We are MOST thankful for the sunshine that we have been Blessed with! Angels need a little time outside every now and then! Enjoy!

Thomas and Maddy had me laughing when they both decided to ride the Big Cat at the same opposite directions. They got tickled too!

Sweet Angel Morgan.....

I am so proud that my angels have such a love for books....both like to read and eat them!

Thomas peaking in at Morgan through the Pack n Play netting....and here is a pic of the angels playing with their wooden rollers cousin Emma and Ella gave them for Christmas.

Playing with Daddy in the yard.....Molly the duck is in on the action.

Thomas has no fear of steps anymore! Maddy is still working on it.

Thomas and Maddy admiring the sunshine....

Maddy attempting to give Thomas a kiss at the front door.

This weekend, we have been at Nana and Poppy's house. Here are Thomas and Maddy playing out in the yard with their friend Kateley who came to visit from the Valley! Her daddy was out hunting with out daddy!

Monday, January 18, 2010 seems like forever since I blogged! Busy...that is the key-phrase around here! We seem to stay on the go! What fun we are having though! Thomas and Maddy are growing and changing daily! I know I am biased....but they have to be the smartest 1 year old angels I know :) Morgan is also growing and changing daily. She is more alert and attentive. She follows with her eyes and has the most adorable smile! We have been struggling with nighttime issues....from about 10pm to 1am she is a restless, crying, fussing, grunting, and straining little girl. I have read and seem to think maybe colic...but don't know for sure. We have an appointment on the 25th with the pediatrician and hope to get more answers then. During the day though she is a very content and happy little girl! I weighed on our home scales with her the other day and it said 11lbs!!! WOW!!! I even bought 1-2 Huggies this time around. Thomas and Maddy are also growing. Thomas is filling out his 18month overall more and more...thank goodness :) I feel soooo blessed to be the mommy of these angels and love sharing their little life journeys with you! Have a blessed week! Hopefully some pictures will come soon! With the runny noses, chapped noses, watery eyes...I have been reluctant to take many pictures....but I think we are on the upside of things and will get some posted soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here are some random photos that never got put on the blog from the last couple of months...thought you would enjoy! Things sure stay busy around I am sure you can tell!!!
Thomas and Maddy playing with their toys from Christmas! Both angels have watery eyes and noses...this cold weather is really not being nice to my angels! Notice the pink sweatsuit on was mine as a little girl...yep, 32 years old. My mamaw sent it to me all the way from Texas!

Sweet Angel dreamland...
Visit from Nana....Nana loves angel loving!
Shoot'n some hoops on the new goal Santa brought....

Silly Christmas these playful moments!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Jones Christmas- Celebration 5

Wow....what a GREAT weekend was had by all at Nana and Poppy's house! Shannon and I, along with Thomas, Maddy, and Morgan joined Jeremy, Lauren, Jeb, Lacy, Emma, Ella, and Mamaw for our Christmas Celebration on New Year's Day. The weekend proved to show that dates don't is when family is gathered and memories made that counts! We know that times like this are going to be hard to come by...getting everyone in one house on the same day. Jeb and Lacy and the girls are now in Athens, Al, which is no short distance. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend together! Thank you Nana and Poppy for your unconditional love and most generous gifts!!! I also have to thank Mamaw for holding Morgan so that I could help with Thomas and Maddy. Wish sooo much we could have brought you home with us! P.S. We had big hopes of a family pic but somehow let the weekend slip by without capturing it! Hopefully we can do that soon!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Married to my heart-mate in 2007, 2 new angels in 2008, and 1 new angel in 2009, equals 1 more than blessed mama in 2010!!! Praying blessings for you and yours!!! Happy New Year! We are off today to Nana and Poppy's house to see what Santa delivered!!! Looking forward to seeing Emma and Ella as well as Jeb, Lacy, Mamaw, Jeremy, and Lauren!!! Watch for pictures to come!