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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday's Appt!

Yaaa....good reports all around! I have three beautiful, healthy, happy, angels!!! Dr. Flowers was so pleased! This was his first time meeting Thomas and Maddy! They really took to him also! Shannon had to work (bless him-he does not like to miss an appt) and so mama (Nana) met us at the doctors office! What a visit it was! 3 angels getting well visit check ups and shots equals one pooped mama and Nana! All in all it was a great experience! First, Thomas: Weight 22lbs and 5 oz (15%), height was 68%, and head circumference, an astounding 94% (he has his daddy's head) :). Dr. Flowers was not concerned with his eating at this point. He said to just continue the baby food and try table foods as Thomas is willing. He laughed when I said he has no trouble eating wood, dirt, etc. Dr. Flowers was also proud of his milk drinking....he gets that from me! Thomas got 2 thumbs up from Dr. Flowers and big kiss from mama! Yaa buddy! Second, Maddy: Weight 22lbs and 3 oz (33%), height 58% and head circ. 76%. Dr. Flowers commented on Maddy's staring and observation skills. She is a people watcher!!!! He also commented on both angels pretty teeth! I was so proud of Maddy as she sat in Nana's lap and was so cooperative for Dr. Flowers as he listened to her heart and checked her ears. I told him how she loves to eat whatever mama and daddy are eating and is such an imaginative player....with her cleaning and baby loving and phone talking! Dr. Flowers gave Maddy 2 thumbs up as well!!! Yaaa Maddy!!!!! Third up was Baby Morgan: Boy is she growing!!!! Morgan was 2 months Sunday. She weighs 11lbs 5oz (59%), height 34%, and head circ. 65 %. You just wouldn't believe how much she looks like Shannon....spitting image!!! Dr. Flowers looked at her herniated belly button and said he was not concerned and that it should correct itself by age 4 if not sooner! He also said she is colic and that we could try the gripe water to see if it helps. He also said to start working on a schedule for sleeping, etc. No suggestions on the bottle issues...she refuses a bottle! We are still nursing but would love to try a bottle occasionally but she has nothing to do with it...we'll keep trying!
Overall, Dr. Flowers was very happy and impressed with our healthy angels! In the end, we left with Thomas and Maddy both receiving one shot and Morgan three shots. All three angels took them well and rested well last night! We will see Dr. Flowers for our next well baby check up on April 15th! Blessings!!!!!


Nana said...

..what a day! I think it went better than I was expecting...such sweet angels! kisses!

Kim said...

Yay!! So glad to read the good news! Bless Morgan with her colic. Lucas had to take the gripe water for a little while too. I hope that it helps!