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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still Here...

Hello Everyone. In case you haven't noticed, I added a counter to our blog. It is just something that Shannon and I have wanted to do. We hear so often from friends and family that they watch the blog and keep up with us. The blog is so much fun for me to do and I am thankful that many of you enjoy it also. I can hardly wait to keep you all posted on our two angels, Thomas and Madelynn. As for today, I am still trucking along. I am having the braxton hicks contractions (which are very annoying) but they are not the real thing. We do have an appt on the 2nd with Dr. Holsten if Thomas and Maddy haven't made their debut yet. Overall, I feel okay. I am a bit tired so I am resting a lot. Plus, my feet just balloon to the point of hurting if I am on them very long. I kept them up most of the day yesterday and then went to dinner with Shannon last night only to have them swell and become quite painful in my crocks. It is like the circulation gets cut off. My crocks go from comfortably fitting over the fat feet to 30 minutes later cutting off circulation. I promise to keep you posted though on any additional updates. I hope this finds you all doing well! Blessings!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all doing really well! We have had another wonderful weekend in Augusta. Shannon and I enjoyed Mellow Mushroom Friday night, rode with our new friends Kris and Megan on Saturday to look at homes in North Augusta, and then watched football the rest of the afternoon. We enjoyed the Florida/Ole Miss game thoroughly....we were shocked by the upset. We then watched the Auburn/Tenn game before heading to our favorite sports place to watch the Georgia/Alabama game...another great upset. As you probably know we generally pull for Auburn, but since we are in Georgia country Shannon wore his Alabama t-shirt to the restaurant. We met up with Kris and Megan again (Georgia fans) and had a great time. What a game! Today we rode back over to North Augusta to see more houses and then stopped by the grocery store for something to grill. We are only looking at houses and areas so that we can be better acquainted when the time finally comes! We are still praying for our house to sell in Valley so if you know of anyone looking send them our way or show them the Our Home for Sale on the left side of our blog page. I am resting now with my feet well above my head. They are quite swollen and puffy! Thomas and Madelynn are showing no special signs of surprising us at this time! We will keep you posted!

Have a great Sunday afternoon! War Eagle...Roll Tide!!!

I added the above picture after I wrote the previous post....Shannon has had the kitchen to himself since I have been keeping my feet up as I promised him. I caught him having fun grilling with sausage, ribs, and wings....dinner is looking good from my point of view!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Appointment

Today we went for another BPP, NST, and appointment with Dr. Holsten. I still can not believe we are at 36 weeks and 5 days. Saturday will be 37 weeks. I remember praying so hard to make it to 34 weeks only to now find ourselves here and the babies comfy and cozy in their little environment. According to Dr. Holsten, we are still trucking along. The babies show no signs of being ready at this point. I am now 1-2 cm dilated and the same in terms of thinning. Thomas is still so very low but other than that no significant change.
The sonographer was able to get a photo of Maddy. Thomas is just SO low that his little face does not even show anymore. I am beginning to fear his little face is going to be so smooshed due to it being against my pelvic bone for so long.
I laughed with Shannon today....I believe Thomas is going to be more my personality (stubborn, ready to lead, first to do what is asked, achiever, people pleaser, everything in order, etc. ) and Maddy is going to be more like Shannon (stubborn, set in her ways, ready to move when she is ready, does what she wants to do when she wants to do it, doesn't follow anyone's direction, knows herself and what she wants, etc.). Of course I get all this from how they interact and how they have acted throughout this pregnancy. We'll see more when they get here!
I hope you enjoy the pic of Maddy....just wish so much we could get one of our little Thomas! Blessings!
P.S. I want to say a special hello to Mrs. Fran (our wonderful friend that does the NST's and Dr. Holsten our awesome OB. We shared the Blog with them today!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

36 Weeks and 4 Days I am...posting a picture of me in my pajamas again. Shannon took this with his camera phone. I was checking my phone when he snapped the picture. I thought you'd like to see my belly or tent as we call it....

Today was interesting. I fell while getting gas at Walmart. Shannon laughed at me once he found out I was alright. He had just read about pregnant women falling yesterday. Evidently since my belly is so heavy, my legs and feet so swollen and heavy, I was just an accident waiting to happen. I never hit my belly, just my knees and hands. I have a swollen knee and sore wrist/hand but other than that I am okay. I think they probably got me on camera somewhere but as far as I could tell no one saw me. I was actually hoping somebody did just to help me get up....that part was not easy. Thomas and Madelynn have been rocking and rolling so I am not really worried about them. They probably just thought it was another one of my crazy goings. I have found my balance off lately...but never dreamed I would fall like this. I catch myself hitting edges of drawers and doors and stuff....but have never fell to the floor. We do see Dr. Holsten tomorrow so I will verify that all is good. I hope she will give us a tentative plan if the babies don't come soon! I'll keep you posted!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Visit Only....

Last night we visited L&D again! I had called Dr. Holsten's office starting around 9 am. Going back and forth with our nurse, Gwen, it was determined I should go into L&D to have them evaluate my feet and legs (Dr. Holsten was out of town). Shannon came home and we got to L&D around 4:45...and the waiting began. My understanding was that we were to get a doppler of my legs to check for blood clots only. Needless to say we were there 5 hours. They hooked me and the babies up to watch heart rates and contractions. They rolled me to radiology to do an ultrasound on my legs, and then back to our room to sit and wait and wait and wait to be told that it is only edema and to keep my feet elevated. They also wrote me a prescription for support hose but I don't see myself going to that extreme (yes, Shannon is upset with me on that). All in all it was a LONG night and by I was tired and starving by the time we left. I never dreamed they would only allow me ice chips (I drank gallons of water last time)and to stay in the bed so long hooked up to monitors just for my feet. I told Shannon....we will not be visiting unless emergencies are at hand or babies are on the way. I know they were only being cautious as I am SO close and these are all signs of preterm labor. Shannon is always so good to stay by me....and keep me laughing and my spirits up. Here is a pic he shot while we were initially waiting! Side note....there is no telling how much MCG has spent on that blue gel they use for ultrasounds on me alone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Shannon and I had another wonderful Sunday here in Augusta. We got up, got dressed, and headed to church. I had wanted to sit in on the traditional service because they were having a baby baptism today (we usually attend the contemporary service). I hope to be able to have Thomas and Madelynn baptized around the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec.
After church I had Shannon take a few pictures of me showing off this belly. You'll get a better idea of just how low they are now. ( We decided to still spare you the picture of my swollen feet) I hope you like them. It could be any day now!!! We'll keep you posted! Oh- by the way, the hospital does have WiFi so if at all possible (if we aren't too busy) we are going to try and keep the blog updated so you will all know when our angels decide to make their debut! Blessings!

Friday, September 19, 2008

36 Weeks

Wow...I can't even believe it myself! We are 36 weeks today. I never thought we'd make it this far. I guess Thomas and Madelynn are enjoying the tight surroundings. Like mama said....why would anyone want to leave such a warm environment for this germy world we live in....but they can't stay in there forever. Shannon and I are about to pop to see them in front of us. This has been such an amazing journey for us and we are thankful for every moment....good and just a bit less than good..... for example, my foot is HUGE today. It is so weird b/c my fingers are not swollen and my left foot is only slightly swollen...but my right foot is gigantic! It has us a bit worried but I am trying to keep it up. All in all we are in a great place and looking forward to the day Thomas and Maddy decide to join us! We will continue to keep you posted! I do have a picture of my foot but Shannon and I are worried it might be a bit too much to post...I will leave it to your imagination! Have a great weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather and football! Blessings!

Just a note....

I have gotten lots of wonderful comments from previous posts. I just wanted to say that even though things are a bit uncomfortable...I have never been more thankful for where I am and what is happening than I am now. I am thrilled that the babies feel so secure in my tummy and are growing stronger daily. I can and will be strong as long as it means they are safe and secure. Thank you for all your sweet words of comfort and for sharing your stories. We truly are blessed! Thank you also for all your prayers of support for Thomas and Madelynn! Blessings!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Appointment

Here you can see Thomas' two eye sockets looking up at you...the indention in the middle is his nose. That is all we can get of this little man as he is so low and his head is surrounded by my pelvic bone.

Here you can see Madelynn's profile. Her forehead is to the far right, then her little bump of a nose and then mouth and so on.

Wow....was today a long day or what! We did have the growth ultrasound ( I was only expecting the BPP ultrasound) so it took a bit longer than we thought it would. The babies are doing great! Madelynn is still head down and Thomas is still in the "GO" position with his head WAY down! They are as close as close can least their little heads and shoulders are. According to the weight and measurements Maddy is 6lbs 1 oz and Thomas is 5lbs 12 oz....but they did tell us this can be off as much as a pound, but they are usually only off by a couple of ounces. In that case we still look good as they are both somewhere between 5 and 7 lbs so they are growing great! We tried to get pictures but it is just so hard now. Thomas is so low that his little head is flat against my pelvic bone so you really can't get a head shot. We did see his eyes looking up at us though. We also had the NST and the heartbeats sounded perfect. I had several strong contractions (Braxton Hicks) while on the monitor. They are getting stronger but just not the real thing. I am feeling lots of pressure and back pain. Dr. Holsten gave me more Tylenol 3 which I am basically having to take more than I like. It does help take the edge off the pain but also keeps the babies from feeling my stress. Something else I learned today was that the sharp pains I am feeling on and off are their hands scratching against me....I tried to explain it so Shannon that is was like fingernails scraping my lower belly and pulling on my insides but Dr. Holsten confirmed that it truly was their hands. She said they are punching, kicking, and scratching anything around them. This can be a real nauseating feeling at times....but a bit funny too. She also checked me and I am only slightly over 1 cm dilated and about 75% thinned. Thomas is still a +1 so he is making his way. As Dr. Holsten put it...when the time comes Thomas is more than ready! Maybe he is like his mother and wants to be an over achiever and first at everything.....who knows. Dr. Holsten also said that it could be tomorrow that they make their debut or as late as another 2 weeks. She suggested I take it easy more as my feet are swelling and I am just so uncomfortable. I admit I am resting more than I ever have in my life. We do have dinner with friends tonight and I am looking forward to that! We are really making new relationships and friendships which is a good thing...though we miss our "Valley Friends" so very much! Hope this finds you all doing well!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Belly Pic

I just wanted to share a picture that Shannon got of me last night. It isn't the best as I was getting ready for bed. We were playing with the monitor we got and Shannon decided to pull out the old camera really doesn't flatter! However, I know my mom and our family have been after us for more pictures so this shows just how big and how low the babies are. Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well....I am doing much better than I was this weekend. I finally am feeling some relief. I was given a prescription for a muscle relaxer that has helped me to get some rest. I am very thankful. The back pain and lower pressure is still there but much more manageable now. I hate to take medicines...but I agree with Shannon and the is better to take the medicine than to suffer and cause the babies stress due to my pain. We are hopeful that Thomas and Madelynn will be ready to say hello in the next week or so.....we'll see! Our next appointment is Thursday.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

I can't believe I am sharing this....

Here is a pic Shannon took of me on my heating pad trying to rest.....this is from today. The pain is pretty intense at times.....but I am hanging in there. I am just so excited we are getting closer! I can't believe I gave Shannon such a hard time about this big, old chair as I am the one that sits in it the most these is the only spot in the house where I can find some comfort.


Riverwalk/Augusta Commons 8-31-08
We joined the church (Wesley United Methodist)

Just prior to the tears.....
We spent another day in Labor and Delivery on Saturday. Starting Friday night, I began to feel more and more pressure which did concern me but not too much as I often feel on and off pressure. I also felt as though my stomach had dropped some. On Saturday morning we had a few activities to do (Infant CPR, Babies R Us) but I was feeling really sore and was having more pressure down low. Once home, Shannon encouraged me to call L&D. Dr. Holsten just happened to be doing rounds and said I could come in if I wanted for a check.....I didn't want to but felt we should go just in case. We arrived at L&D around 4:30. I was beginning to feel more and more pressure. Dr. Holsten did her check and found Thomas to be a +1 which meant he was further through my pelvic bone than Thursday but I was still only 1 cm and 70% thinned where on Thursday I was 50%. Dr. Holsten said I could still go another 2 weeks like this so don't worry. She did want to monitor my Braxton Hicks and the babies as the BH contractions are getting more and more constant. She also had me drink lots of water just in case hydration was an issue. (No IV thank goodness) She also used the ultrasound to look at the babies and found where the pressure was coming from. Maddy has once again turned head down...her head is actually resting on Thomas' chest which is pushing him more. The change in her position, the further push of Thomas and the overall shift of their placements is what is causing the pain. After we sat for a bit my back began to ache...and then it became more intense to the point I couldn't speak and couldn't control my tears....and I am known for my high pain tolerance. The dreadful Sciatic pain was back. Dr. Holsten checked me once more and no change so she released me with the direction to take my Tylenol 3 and drink lots. I am doing that.....but the pain is still pretty intense at times. The Tylenol 3 does take some edge off. we are taking it easy and I am trying to rest despite the back and lower pain. Shannon is being SOOOO good to me. We missed a good bit of the football games but overall it was quite an eventful evening. We loved seeing the babies and seeing Maddy turned! They are in a sweet position...just not a comfortable position for me. However, I am thrilled that once again a vaginal delivery is back on the table.

I am putting in a pic of where we joined the church a couple weeks back along witha picture from Labor Day Weekend at the Riverwalk and a pic that Shannon took just prior to the pain setting in using his camera phone....I didn't look so smiley after that! We will try to get a picture of my stomach since it has now dropped more...but it may be a little bit. I don't feel like pictures right now. Have a blessed weekend!!! We are getting closer!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Infant CPR

Today Shannon and I attended a very informative class called Infant CPR. We had a baby doll specifically made to demonstrate the American Heart Assoc. processes and steps for CPR on infants. There are lots of You Tube videos on the subject but I couldn't find one that is just what they taught us. You can also go to the American Heart Association website and read more on it. We are highly encouraging family to take a course if at all possible. You can call your local hospitals or area OB doctors to try and find a class in the area. Shannon and I both agree this is an essential element when having an infant in the house. Here are the steps we learned for CPR.

1. Check the area to be sure it is safe. Place baby on a HARD surface like a table.
2. Tap babies foot to check for responsiveness. If not responsive continue steps. Tell a specific person to call 911 if possible.
3. Place ear to mouth to listen for breathing. It not breathing and there is nothing visible in the mouth, cover the infants mouth and nose with your mouth and breath in twice...only breathe in hard enough to see the chest rise. You don't want to breathe in too hard...just until the chest rises.
4. After the two breaths, you will do 30 somewhat quick compressions on the chest. To find the spot, draw an imaginary line between the two nipples and then go slightly down. You don't want to go too want to stay on the sternum bone and not the little bone below the sternum. Using two fingers, give 30 compressions. The compressions should be just quick enough to pausing in between.
5. If no one was there to call 911, continue the 2 breaths and 30 compressions for 5 cycles before leaving to go call 911 yourself. Take baby with you. Once 911 has been called, resume 2 breaths and 30 compression cycles.

For choking:
1. Look in mouth for object. If baby is responsive but showing signs of choking turn baby on arm so that head is lowered. Give 5 somewhat hard blows to the upper back with palm of hand. Flip baby over and then do 5 chest compressions like those done above. Compressions should be just lower than the imaginary nipple line. Continue this process until the object is free or baby becomes unresponsive. You would then do Infant CPR.

Let us know if you have ANY questions. Again- if you can take a class we do recommend it....highly!

Here are some You Tube videos....they do vary slightly. Also ...I am attaching the American Heart Association Website. They even have an Infant CPR kit you can order with baby and DVD.

Choking and CPR series of videos: 1.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Legs and abdomen of Thomas
Thomas' Profile (Chest and Chin to the far left)
Maddy Breathing
Madelynn's Profile

First...I want to say a word about this day. It is a day that will always be in our memories. My thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost loved ones on this day 7 years ago.

Next, I want to share what we learned today at our appointment. We had our weekly BPP and NST and consultation with Dr. Holsten (our OB). All went really well. Thomas' head is really ...really low. Madelynn is still breech. After talking with Dr. Holsten, we learned that the likelihood of a C-Section is high at this point. She is worried that a vaginal delivery will be too risky if Maddy stays in this position. She could deliver Thomas beautifully at this point and still have to rush to do a C-Section for Maddy. That would be too much on us would be safer to just be prepared for the C-Section first. Shannon and I are good with whatever she decides. My first choice of course is vaginal but I also want what is best first and foremost! We are totally trusted in Dr. Holsten.

We did get a few pictures so I will share those also. It is hard to get Thomas due to his head being SO low...his face is just smooshed and pictures are hard to get. You can see his nose and lips in one shot but that is about it.

Dr. Holsten also checked me and my cervix has thinned some and I am 1 centimeter dilated....but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It can still be a week or 4 body is just preparing. I do have to share....she could feel Thomas' little head when she did the check....which is just amazing to me. Sorry if that offends anyone!

All-in-all it was a great appointment. We are just so glad to have such wonderful doctors watching over our angels!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just had to share again....

This is a picture of Thomas and Madelynn from March. Don't they just look like little teddy bears? We were about 8 weeks far we've all come!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here are a few pictures from Augusta that Shannon has been taking with his new camera. He took these about a month ago on the Riverwalk. It was a HOT day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Project

Today (while watching football) Shannon and I put together the pack-n-play. It is beautiful....Thank You Mamaw! It is also by Rittenhouse which is what we chose for our travel system, etc. You can look back at an earlier post to see the set. It is a lot BIGGER than what we were expecting. It appears we are quickly squeezing ourselves out of this rental house! We plan to keep it in our room for the babies to sleep in at night until time to transition them to the cribs. Hope you like the pictures!!! I am getting SO very excited! even comes with its own changing table and accessory tray that holds diapers and wipes and whatever you might need. Notice too at the bottom that it has storage for diapers, toys, etc. It also has a module that plays music, nature sounds, vibrates, lights up the area for night time, and has a timer. Thanks again Mamaw!!! We love it and the babies will too!!!

Our Weekend

What are we doing this weekend? Just spending some great time together at home. Shannon and I had a yummy dinner with friends last night, went to our Labor and Delivery tour this morning and are now watching AU football. We hope to find us a place to hang out and eat tonight that will be showing the Alabama game, as it is on paperview. We have a list of things to get done. I want to put the pack-n-play together, install the car seats, and work on a few other things. We have an appt with the Sheriffs station on Monday to have the car seats checked. All in all it should be a great weekend of rest and relaxation! Hope this finds the same for you! Blessings!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday's Appointment

Shannon and I had an appointment for our ultrasound, BPP, and NST along with a check up with Dr. Holsten yesterday. Everything went well. The babies did not cooperate with the ultrasound so we got NO picturess.....sorry....I was disappointed too! It was also hard to get a cranium measurement for Madelynn but the sonographer did her best. According to the measurements...which can be off a couple ounces, Thomas is 4 lbs 9 ounces and Maddy is 5 lbs. Isn't that amazing!!! Like mama said....I already have more baby in my belly than she did when she had me at 9lbs 1 ounce and we thought that was a lot! Madelynn still is breech but it is not a total breech. She is actually a bit sideways in a ball. Her legs are above her head but she is still considered breech. She is right on top of Thomas as they are touching....the sonographer could barely find the membrane that seperates them due to their being so close. Thomas covers my whole left side and Maddy is straight down the middle under my belly button. My right side is mostly baby free....which is why if I do get to lay down on a side that is the one I turn to....otherwise Thomas has a fit if I get on my left side. All in all it was a good day though and we are happy to know things are going well! We see Dr. Holsten again next Thursday along with another BPP and NST. We are praying for at least 2 more weeks before their arrival....anytime after that is icing on the cake! We are also praying that hurricanes Hanna and Ike don't head our way......we're watching the weather!