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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today's Appointment

Here you can see Thomas' two eye sockets looking up at you...the indention in the middle is his nose. That is all we can get of this little man as he is so low and his head is surrounded by my pelvic bone.

Here you can see Madelynn's profile. Her forehead is to the far right, then her little bump of a nose and then mouth and so on.

Wow....was today a long day or what! We did have the growth ultrasound ( I was only expecting the BPP ultrasound) so it took a bit longer than we thought it would. The babies are doing great! Madelynn is still head down and Thomas is still in the "GO" position with his head WAY down! They are as close as close can least their little heads and shoulders are. According to the weight and measurements Maddy is 6lbs 1 oz and Thomas is 5lbs 12 oz....but they did tell us this can be off as much as a pound, but they are usually only off by a couple of ounces. In that case we still look good as they are both somewhere between 5 and 7 lbs so they are growing great! We tried to get pictures but it is just so hard now. Thomas is so low that his little head is flat against my pelvic bone so you really can't get a head shot. We did see his eyes looking up at us though. We also had the NST and the heartbeats sounded perfect. I had several strong contractions (Braxton Hicks) while on the monitor. They are getting stronger but just not the real thing. I am feeling lots of pressure and back pain. Dr. Holsten gave me more Tylenol 3 which I am basically having to take more than I like. It does help take the edge off the pain but also keeps the babies from feeling my stress. Something else I learned today was that the sharp pains I am feeling on and off are their hands scratching against me....I tried to explain it so Shannon that is was like fingernails scraping my lower belly and pulling on my insides but Dr. Holsten confirmed that it truly was their hands. She said they are punching, kicking, and scratching anything around them. This can be a real nauseating feeling at times....but a bit funny too. She also checked me and I am only slightly over 1 cm dilated and about 75% thinned. Thomas is still a +1 so he is making his way. As Dr. Holsten put it...when the time comes Thomas is more than ready! Maybe he is like his mother and wants to be an over achiever and first at everything.....who knows. Dr. Holsten also said that it could be tomorrow that they make their debut or as late as another 2 weeks. She suggested I take it easy more as my feet are swelling and I am just so uncomfortable. I admit I am resting more than I ever have in my life. We do have dinner with friends tonight and I am looking forward to that! We are really making new relationships and friendships which is a good thing...though we miss our "Valley Friends" so very much! Hope this finds you all doing well!!!


Tiffany, Lee and Kateley said...

I am sorry they make your uncomfortable by scratching, punching ect. But I had to smile when reading this. My major complaint while pregnant was it fet like Kateley was trying to rip her umbilical cord! Sure enough during one of our 3d's she was playing with it, as well as putting her toes in her nose. LOL Hang in there just a little bit longer.

The Goodrichs said...

WOW - i didnt think ANYONES belly could hold more baby weight than lacy - even with Ella at 10*5 you have her beat - You look GREAT - and very happy which is the main thing.....pregnancy has been very good to you...unlike me who looked like a beached whale and at least when people say are you having twins you can say YES... I just had to look at them with my mean lacy look and say "UH - NO - there is JUST one and I KNOW I AM HUGE - thanks for confirming it"

cant wait to hear that they are here...

Heather said...

not much longer huh??