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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

36 Weeks and 4 Days I am...posting a picture of me in my pajamas again. Shannon took this with his camera phone. I was checking my phone when he snapped the picture. I thought you'd like to see my belly or tent as we call it....

Today was interesting. I fell while getting gas at Walmart. Shannon laughed at me once he found out I was alright. He had just read about pregnant women falling yesterday. Evidently since my belly is so heavy, my legs and feet so swollen and heavy, I was just an accident waiting to happen. I never hit my belly, just my knees and hands. I have a swollen knee and sore wrist/hand but other than that I am okay. I think they probably got me on camera somewhere but as far as I could tell no one saw me. I was actually hoping somebody did just to help me get up....that part was not easy. Thomas and Madelynn have been rocking and rolling so I am not really worried about them. They probably just thought it was another one of my crazy goings. I have found my balance off lately...but never dreamed I would fall like this. I catch myself hitting edges of drawers and doors and stuff....but have never fell to the floor. We do see Dr. Holsten tomorrow so I will verify that all is good. I hope she will give us a tentative plan if the babies don't come soon! I'll keep you posted!!


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Tiffany said...

Well bless your little heart!!!!!!!! I would have helped you... I PROMISE! You take care of yourself, and try not to topple over again :-). Praying for ALL of you!!! BIG hugs & Love!