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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Appointment

Today we went for another BPP, NST, and appointment with Dr. Holsten. I still can not believe we are at 36 weeks and 5 days. Saturday will be 37 weeks. I remember praying so hard to make it to 34 weeks only to now find ourselves here and the babies comfy and cozy in their little environment. According to Dr. Holsten, we are still trucking along. The babies show no signs of being ready at this point. I am now 1-2 cm dilated and the same in terms of thinning. Thomas is still so very low but other than that no significant change.
The sonographer was able to get a photo of Maddy. Thomas is just SO low that his little face does not even show anymore. I am beginning to fear his little face is going to be so smooshed due to it being against my pelvic bone for so long.
I laughed with Shannon today....I believe Thomas is going to be more my personality (stubborn, ready to lead, first to do what is asked, achiever, people pleaser, everything in order, etc. ) and Maddy is going to be more like Shannon (stubborn, set in her ways, ready to move when she is ready, does what she wants to do when she wants to do it, doesn't follow anyone's direction, knows herself and what she wants, etc.). Of course I get all this from how they interact and how they have acted throughout this pregnancy. We'll see more when they get here!
I hope you enjoy the pic of Maddy....just wish so much we could get one of our little Thomas! Blessings!
P.S. I want to say a special hello to Mrs. Fran (our wonderful friend that does the NST's and Dr. Holsten our awesome OB. We shared the Blog with them today!)


Heather said...

that is such an adorable picture!!! i thought it was funny about how you were describing thomas and madylnn's personality because nicki and jonathan did that and they were exactly right. kaydence is just like nicki, very demanding and kinsley is just like jonathan, laid back and lazy. lol. i'm so glad you are almost 37 weeks!! thats so exciting!! i have been tryin to keep busy and gettin into ocotber its only going to get busier!! have a good weekend!!

Heather said...

oh yeah... christi and i were born at 38 weeks. ive got faith that you will make that far and maybe further!!

Mimi said...

Looks like everyone is doing just fine,,,,,I am so proud for all of you and amazed how God answers prayer.....can't wait to meet them in person.....Mrs. Terri

Wade and Allison said...

Look at this precious baby! That is the best picture...can't you just burst thinking about what their personalities will be!?
Big ole hugs!

RandB said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so well! It is such a blessing to make it so far with twins! We keep waiting for the email that says they are on the way! Keep us posted. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my GOODNESS! What a precious picture of Maddy!!!!!! I love the personality predictions! It will be SO fun to see if you are right as they grow!