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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Riverwalk/Augusta Commons 8-31-08
We joined the church (Wesley United Methodist)

Just prior to the tears.....
We spent another day in Labor and Delivery on Saturday. Starting Friday night, I began to feel more and more pressure which did concern me but not too much as I often feel on and off pressure. I also felt as though my stomach had dropped some. On Saturday morning we had a few activities to do (Infant CPR, Babies R Us) but I was feeling really sore and was having more pressure down low. Once home, Shannon encouraged me to call L&D. Dr. Holsten just happened to be doing rounds and said I could come in if I wanted for a check.....I didn't want to but felt we should go just in case. We arrived at L&D around 4:30. I was beginning to feel more and more pressure. Dr. Holsten did her check and found Thomas to be a +1 which meant he was further through my pelvic bone than Thursday but I was still only 1 cm and 70% thinned where on Thursday I was 50%. Dr. Holsten said I could still go another 2 weeks like this so don't worry. She did want to monitor my Braxton Hicks and the babies as the BH contractions are getting more and more constant. She also had me drink lots of water just in case hydration was an issue. (No IV thank goodness) She also used the ultrasound to look at the babies and found where the pressure was coming from. Maddy has once again turned head down...her head is actually resting on Thomas' chest which is pushing him more. The change in her position, the further push of Thomas and the overall shift of their placements is what is causing the pain. After we sat for a bit my back began to ache...and then it became more intense to the point I couldn't speak and couldn't control my tears....and I am known for my high pain tolerance. The dreadful Sciatic pain was back. Dr. Holsten checked me once more and no change so she released me with the direction to take my Tylenol 3 and drink lots. I am doing that.....but the pain is still pretty intense at times. The Tylenol 3 does take some edge off. we are taking it easy and I am trying to rest despite the back and lower pain. Shannon is being SOOOO good to me. We missed a good bit of the football games but overall it was quite an eventful evening. We loved seeing the babies and seeing Maddy turned! They are in a sweet position...just not a comfortable position for me. However, I am thrilled that once again a vaginal delivery is back on the table.

I am putting in a pic of where we joined the church a couple weeks back along witha picture from Labor Day Weekend at the Riverwalk and a pic that Shannon took just prior to the pain setting in using his camera phone....I didn't look so smiley after that! We will try to get a picture of my stomach since it has now dropped more...but it may be a little bit. I don't feel like pictures right now. Have a blessed weekend!!! We are getting closer!

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Tiffany, Lee and Kateley said...

I bet that ultrasound pic is so sweet. With maddy's head resting on Thomas's chest. But we are sorry that you are not feeling well and we pray for a fast,and easy L&D for you.