The Smith's

The Smith's
The Smith's +Two + One = A Whole Lot of LOVE and FUN!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bedtime Fun!

Here are the angels playing away with their daddy...just before bed! Needless to say...they crashed soon after! I love the sound of angel giggles!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hats off to you....

Here are both angels falling down after running all over each other trying to get the Strawberry Shortcake hat.
This just isn't even right...Maddy does not even look like a 1 year old here.....makes me cry! I feel I am seeing years to come.....
Thomas trying out his deer hat yet again...bless him, it is just soo tight!
Notice...Maddy has both hats...she snatched Thomas' away and ran!
So...after the cold morning taking pictures after church, we decided to head home to our sweatshirts and jeans! Here are the angels playing with their hats. Maddy LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake hat....Thomas is still warming up to his deer hat. Bless him, his little head is just sooo big that the hat is a bit tight and uncomfortable for him...not to mention Maddy won't leave it alone when he does wear it. Hope you enjoy...they sure warmed my heart!

Pumpkins and Punkins.....

We got a few pictures this morning...but due to the cold and wet ground we are going to try and get some more later this week. I just love this time of year and am sooo thankful to have my angels to enjoy the beauty and bounty of fall with!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing around....

Here are my busy little bodies....Maddy with her main staples, juice and phone....and Thomas killing me with that sweet face! I love it!
Thomas' new thing is to stop and give this silly grin if he thinks you are going to take his picture. It only lasts a second so you better snap it fast before he is off again! However, it does make it hard to get a "natural" snapshot! Maddy is showing off her new Strawberry Shortcake hat from Nana.....however, you'll notice the tear in her eye. This is from her daddy trying to put her down. Once he picks her up it is all over...she is a total daddy's girl!!!
We had a busy but great day today! It all started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel, trip to Honda for an oil change, stop at Lowes and Kroger before heading home to play! I got a lot done in the house while listening to games as Shannon got some outside time and a little boston butt smoking done....all makes for a great day! Hope this finds you having a blessed day as well! Tomorrow....CHURCH! We hope to get some pictures of the angels in front of the church with the pumpkins at "punkins" playing the pumpkins!

Morgan Update

Shannon and I had a very busy day on Thursday! It started with us leaving before the angels had even gotten up...thankfully my mom spent the night and just kept their schedule as if I were here! They never missed a beat. We had an OB appt that went very well. Dr. Stewart talked to us and reassured us on several of our concerns. I also had to do another blood glucose test due to the steroid I am on for Morgan's heart which turned out perfect! We then had a growth ultrasound with the perinatologist. Morgan looked great! The heart rate was on target, fluid levels were perfect, her kidney showed no fluid accumulation, and her heart chambers were going strong. All in all it was a great appointment and we LOVED seeing our angel on the big screen. We then left and had to go for bloodwork for my rhematologist....busy busy! Needless to say we were starved. My toast and glucose drink were long gone come 12pm! We headed over to my favorite preggo fill-me-up spot....Red Robin where I dined on 2 baskets of fries!!! Love the bottomless fries!!! I am thankful my husband loves me after he has to watch me stuff myself so ....something I'd never do not pregnant....well, at least not to that point. Oh ...but it was sooo good! Please continue to say prayers for Morgan as it is obvious God is near to this angel!!! I will continue with twice weekly NST monitoring and see the Pediatric Cardiologist again in two weeks. We also begin seeing the OB every other week and have another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Wow....appts galore!!!! Thank you all for your love and support!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Boy...and Tom-Boy!

Our Thomas is all boy!!! I just love it! Here are 2 pics of him in his staples for the winter! If you know my know we are a Carhartt family....and of course...everyone has to have at least one pair of Levis.....Too cute little man!!!! Oh...and I just couldn't post about Thomas only....Maddy had her an overall day.....her daddy loves her in her do I!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Morgan's Baby Shower

Oh what a Blessed Day....thank you to all my friends and family that attended....especially to those that drove from far away!!! Just some of the special friends I want to thank: Trina and Rachel for hosting this wonderful event. We have been blessed with wonderful gifts for our little Morgan!!! Megan and Erin (sister-friends) driving in all the way from Augusta! What a great weekend we've had. Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Betty driving from Eufaula....soooo good to see my 2nd mom's from Eufaula. Mamaw and Grandmama came in from Eufaula as well...we love our great-grandmothers!!! Christi and Heather as well as Kim Fitch and Mrs. Bray coming from LaGrange, Aunt Peggy and Grandmother, and all of our locals from the Valley....they are family as well!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! What a joy it was to have you all there. Thank you to my mom (Nana) and Shannon's mom (Nonnie) for all your love and support!!! God is good......hope you enjoy the pics! These are only a few of the random shots we got...thank you Erin and Stacey! Hope you can see the fun and joy in them!!!!!