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The Smith's
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Full and Fabulous Weekend!

Wow...what a weekend so far and it is no where near being over. We have been dealing with some sniffles so trying to take it a bit slow...but as it goes for this house...there is no "slow" in our adventurous life. We were so blessed to have dear friends (sister-friends) join us for the weekend. Megan and Erin drove all the way from Augusta to enjoy some angel time and to attend Sunday's baby shower for Morgan. Oh the fun we've had. I can hardly wait until this afternoon to celebrate the coming of Lil' Morgan!!!! My goodnes...God is sooooo good.
Hope you enjoy the pics from Saturday!

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Nana said...

It was so good to see Megan and Erin from Augusta...they love the Angels and we love them!!!! It has been a special weekend, friends from Augusta, Eufaula, Columbus, Valley...oh my, who knew we were so loved! Thanks Rachel and Trina for such a nice shower for baby Morgan!! We love you all!!!!!!!