The Smith's

The Smith's
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing around....

Here are my busy little bodies....Maddy with her main staples, juice and phone....and Thomas killing me with that sweet face! I love it!
Thomas' new thing is to stop and give this silly grin if he thinks you are going to take his picture. It only lasts a second so you better snap it fast before he is off again! However, it does make it hard to get a "natural" snapshot! Maddy is showing off her new Strawberry Shortcake hat from Nana.....however, you'll notice the tear in her eye. This is from her daddy trying to put her down. Once he picks her up it is all over...she is a total daddy's girl!!!
We had a busy but great day today! It all started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel, trip to Honda for an oil change, stop at Lowes and Kroger before heading home to play! I got a lot done in the house while listening to games as Shannon got some outside time and a little boston butt smoking done....all makes for a great day! Hope this finds you having a blessed day as well! Tomorrow....CHURCH! We hope to get some pictures of the angels in front of the church with the pumpkins at "punkins" playing the pumpkins!

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