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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Morgan Update

Shannon and I had a very busy day on Thursday! It started with us leaving before the angels had even gotten up...thankfully my mom spent the night and just kept their schedule as if I were here! They never missed a beat. We had an OB appt that went very well. Dr. Stewart talked to us and reassured us on several of our concerns. I also had to do another blood glucose test due to the steroid I am on for Morgan's heart which turned out perfect! We then had a growth ultrasound with the perinatologist. Morgan looked great! The heart rate was on target, fluid levels were perfect, her kidney showed no fluid accumulation, and her heart chambers were going strong. All in all it was a great appointment and we LOVED seeing our angel on the big screen. We then left and had to go for bloodwork for my rhematologist....busy busy! Needless to say we were starved. My toast and glucose drink were long gone come 12pm! We headed over to my favorite preggo fill-me-up spot....Red Robin where I dined on 2 baskets of fries!!! Love the bottomless fries!!! I am thankful my husband loves me after he has to watch me stuff myself so ....something I'd never do not pregnant....well, at least not to that point. Oh ...but it was sooo good! Please continue to say prayers for Morgan as it is obvious God is near to this angel!!! I will continue with twice weekly NST monitoring and see the Pediatric Cardiologist again in two weeks. We also begin seeing the OB every other week and have another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Wow....appts galore!!!! Thank you all for your love and support!!

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Anna said...

oh wow! i had no idea all of this was going on (i guess i just started reading your blog though!) we'll continue to pray for sweet morgan and her heart! God is so good!