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The Smith's
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morgan at 6 Months

Prunes and Oatmeal
Here she is....can you believe she is 6 months already???!!!!??? Where does the time go!?!?!?!?
Morgan is sitting on her own, rolling over constantly (both ways) and laughing, cooing, giggling, eating, etc. She is also teething.....yep! Two front bottom teeth are coming in as I type!!!! Bless us all...3 toddlers teething simultaneously!!!! I need to buy stock in Tylenol :)

Mommy's Helpers

So....for Mother's Day I requested a Shark Steam Mop....Shannon didn't take me seriously so I went out and bought my own :) Here are T and M helping mommy with her new toy! :)
Yes...Thomas is riding on it and Maddy is pulling :0
Morgan has started sitting on her own. Whenever she gets fussy , I can ask Thomas and Maddy to go and talk to they are trying to entertain :)
Sometimes they get a little carried away with the entertaining. Notice, they have managed to push Morgan over and take over her boppy!
What fun we have here at the Smith Plantation....good, supervised fun! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


What fun we had participating in Langdale's VBS this year. The theme was Exodus and we were the Tribe of Simeon (2 yr olds). We had about 7 angels in our group....all under the age of 2. It was a blast! Moses spoke to us each night about how God spoke to him through the burning bush....led him over the red sea.....and so on. We were visited by the mean Pharaoh and participated in activities throughout the marketplace. We even dined each night on authentic B.C. some nuggets :) All in all it was an awesome experience.....
well, except for the quick detour to the ER on the final night. guessed it.....Thomas decided to dive off the stage/platform and onto his head. He passed out cold on me.....eyes back in his head. He came too...we rode the ambulance to the checked out and made it back to VBS before the end program! I don't think this will be our last trip by any means! Just hope it won't be anytime soon! Hope you enjoyed our pics!!!! Aren't they cute in their little robes!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

River Day in the Valley

Boy was it hot......we only got to stay about 45 minutes....but are glad we made the walk around the place! The food smelled good but it was just toooo hot for eating! Poor Morgan was beat red by the time we got back to the car! All in all we are glad to say we did it...will we do it again next is in the air....cooler air we hope!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Angel Updates



Shannon's Bday and Mother's Day

We had a family affair on Sunday, May 9th. Not only was it Mother's Day....but it was also Shannon's Birthday :) His mom says it is the best gift a mother can get...having a baby born on Mother's Day! What fun we had! Thanks to the family that drove in and played with us! Here are some pictures of the yummy cake! Check out Shannon's shirt! He has always loved that picture print of the two boys so I recreated it with Thomas and Maddy! Cute? We think so...have to say...Shannon had a tear in his eye !


After having my computer totally re-built, sending it to and from a computer specialist, having the hubby scratch his head and work on it....turns out it was never my computer! The router was blocking the blog...crazy huh?!?!!? Well...we are back!
Be patient with me though as I catch you up b/c we have a lot going on right now....I'll explain......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I am sad to say that we are experiencing some technical difficulties at home! For some very odd reason I can not access the blog or a couple of other sites from our home internet......therefore I can not post to the blog. I will try to figure something out as we have lots to share with you. Hope you have had a great week and weekend!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thomas and The Swing.....

Poor Morgan....yes, he is sitting in her lap in this picture......he has no concept of "easy" or "gentle". Morgan is a good sport though...she loves her big brother :)

Thomas is all boy and goes constantly...but when he is ready to relax....he is RELAXED! do you spend a rainy day indoors.....this is how we spent ours!
Watching TV while "swing'n"

As a baby, Thomas could have cared less about the swing....but now that it is out for Morgan....he LOVES the swing! Even when not in it, he thinks he has to turn it on and play the music. I can't help but giggle at this "lil" man that is way to big for the baby swing.....oh how fast my angels are growing!


This past week I brought down our kiddie table for Thomas and Maddy. They still struggle to get themselves into the chair to "sit" but have NO problem climbing up and standing in them :0 I am thankful to have this table, as it was the table my brother's and I grew up using! Thanks Mom! I don't think there is anything she didn't hang on too!!!
Notice Maddy's face as she shows her disapproval of Thomas' torn paper!
Both angels are showing signs of being least for now :)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready for Church

Thomas chill'n in Morgan's swing...silly boy!

Oh thankful I am that you are soooo happy amidst the chaos!

Cramming in a last minute pancake mini.....
Our church service starts at 8:45 eastern time....that usually means me up by 5am to have us all ready and out the door. Here we are just prior to leaving....Thomas had gone through 2 awful diapers, Maddy is in her second dress due to a juice accident and Morgan is in her second dress due to milk dribble :) Busy busy!!!! Luckily, Shannon and I managed to get out the door without having to change clothes.........