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The Smith's
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Saturday, May 29, 2010


What fun we had participating in Langdale's VBS this year. The theme was Exodus and we were the Tribe of Simeon (2 yr olds). We had about 7 angels in our group....all under the age of 2. It was a blast! Moses spoke to us each night about how God spoke to him through the burning bush....led him over the red sea.....and so on. We were visited by the mean Pharaoh and participated in activities throughout the marketplace. We even dined each night on authentic B.C. some nuggets :) All in all it was an awesome experience.....
well, except for the quick detour to the ER on the final night. guessed it.....Thomas decided to dive off the stage/platform and onto his head. He passed out cold on me.....eyes back in his head. He came too...we rode the ambulance to the checked out and made it back to VBS before the end program! I don't think this will be our last trip by any means! Just hope it won't be anytime soon! Hope you enjoyed our pics!!!! Aren't they cute in their little robes!

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Nana said...

Aweeeeeeeeeeeee....they are so cute! kisses angels!