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The Smith's
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Water Park

Last Friday we all headed down to the water park in Auburn. Shannon's Aunt Donna was visiting for the weekend so we decided to do something a little fun and different to beat the heat! Thomas, Maddy, Jackie (Nonnie), Aunt Cindy, Aunt Donna, Shannon and I all headed down to play in the water! My mom (Nana) came to spend the time with Morgan in the nice cool a/c at home! We did have fun......but they wore out fast. Here they are prior to the departure......

Just before leaving to go to the water park....Maddy fell on the cement carport outside and busted her lip.....what a mess. She looked like she had botox done or something......almost a week later it has almost healed completely! Boy do we keep the boo-boo's around here!

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Nana said...

...somebody better be watching those babies....Nana's gonna kidnap her some angels!