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The Smith's
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday's Haircut

Today we took Thomas for his first "official" haircut with Mr. Jim. I am sure you've noticed his hair getting longer and longer and more in his eyes over the last few weeks.....he was definitely blessed with the hair! I attempted to trim it out of his eyes on Monday only to find it a bit choppy and off to the "real" barber we went! He was soooo good and stood in the chair like a big boy! It broke my heart to see the "baby" disappear and the little boy take shape...but we are all better for the new cut. I hope you enjoy the following pictures. The ones of him at the barber shop are from my camera phone which makes them a little more unclear. Once home, I got out the real camera and captured some sweet moments between angels! Have a blessed afternoon and try to stay warm!
Heading home...proud of our new cut!
Giving Morgan some loving.....sometimes too much loving :-)
Watching the rain fall....


Nana said...

Wow! he does look like a big boy... Now leave his hair alone for another year and keep him a little boy....Nana says so! kisses angels!

Nana said...

Thomas is trying to "favor" his Uncle Jeremy a little after the haircut!!! He will be handsome for sure!

Heather said...

I love Thomas's big boy hair cut!!! They are growing too fast!!

Tiff said...

Oh Kelli! Thomas looks SO handsome sporting is new "do!" I LOVE IT! And I must comment on Miss Morgan all wrapped up in the little blanket Lyra Grace and I got her :) too sweet! AND of course Miss Maddy is looking as precious as ever! Seriously, how did we get SO lucky to have SO many blessings - GOD Is SO Good!
Sending yall lots of hugs and santa wishes :) Love Yall!