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The Smith's
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sippy Sippy

Shannon and I decided that the angels had gotten too long to split the large pack-n-play they have been sleeping in, in Valley. We decided to bring down the second one and set it up. They still share the crib in Augusta (though we have two I cannot bare to separate them yet). Here is the first morning after waking in their little beds.....Maddy slept like an angel...while Thomas slept on and off. We still can't tell if it is hunger, teething, or just a random phase that has him so restless and irritable at night....we are praying for comfort and rest for him...for us all!
Just had to share these...we love our new sippy cups! It is too funny Maddy has her very own but as soon as Thomas picks his up, she puts hers down and starts reaching for his. Poor fella...he'll never have anything of his own!


Nana said...

I hope there is enough room for another pack-n-play...soon...very soon! Maybe it can be on Shannon's side of the bed!!!!! (:
I have more sippi cups here(3) so don't buy any more... sip,sip angels

Heather said...

Kay and Kin are now having to sleep in separate beds also.. they have out grown sleeping together.