The Smith's

The Smith's
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Monday, May 4, 2009


I just wanted to give a brief shout out to some of the best ladies in the world!!! I went to Montgomery today to see the ladies of the Montgomery office for ART. ART is the ART Fertility Program of Alabama. The main office is in Bham but we were able to do many of our appointments in the Montgomery office. I truly contribute the blessing of my little angels to God....but the ladies in Montgomery were His angels at work. Sarah, Lynn, and Ashley have been with us throughout our journey to this point and are now continuing to follow us (via the blog) with Smith baby #3.....although it will only be as our friends this time around. They are a part of our family and we hope they know how much they mean to us!!!! Seeing them made the trip worth it. It just made it more real that this little angel is truly a gift from God also! Thomas and Maddy smiled at them as if they knew they've been with us from the beginning. We love you ladies!!!! Stay tuned as our official ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday in Augusta! I hope to find out just how far along I am......your guess is as good as mine!

Oh....tomorrow my brother, Jeb graduates AU Pharm School....we are all so very proud!!!!


Kristi said...

She got the jellies at Dillard's but Payless has them too, they just aren't flip flop type.

Heather said...

I can't wait to hear about Smith baby #3!!! Are you sure it's just one?? You guys can handle another set of twins!! One of each so Thomas and Maddy can have one of their own.. Have a safe trip!!