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The Smith's
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Monday, May 11, 2009

I am one proud sister!

I wanted to post some pics of my brother Jeb. Yes....I am one proud sister!!!! I am the big sis to two wonderful brothers. I was asked the other day do my brothers love me as much as I do them (I guess I brag on them so much) and all I could do was laugh.....I sure hope so but I think it is different when your the sister. Jeb and Jeremy are both so special and talented in their own right and I couldn't be more proud. Jeremy graduated Auburn back in December with a degree in Finance and has future plans of continued is just the choice of what in that he is weighing. He currently works with my daddy at Eufaula Pulpwood and has really shown himself to be a fast learner and HARD worker!!! Jeb graduated May 5th from Auburn's Pharm School...yes we have a doctor in the family. We are all SOOOO impressed. He has accepted a job in Athens, Al and will move shortly with his three girls, wife-Lacy, 7 year old Emma and 1 year old Ella. Please say prayers as he prepares for his upcoming boards!!!! Hope you enjoy the pics of him on graduation....oh...he is the hairy one :-)


Nana said...

Yes, I'm sure the love goes both ways. It is just more vocal by us females! I am a proud mother of you three kids...God is good to me!

Kim said...

What an accomplishment~ You have every right to be proud! Congratulations, Jeb!