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The Smith's
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful....but busy weekend in Valley. Shannon's Aunt Donna was in town so we spent most of the weekend with Jackie, Cindy, and Donna. They babysat Friday night so Shannon and I could grab a late dinner in Opelika. It is hard as we are both so tired these days that late nights out almost aren't worth it.....but we do cherish the us time. We then cooked grilled chicken on Saturday and Boston Butt on Sunday. Shannon bought a new wood splitter so he spent most the time outside, dodging rain, and cutting and stacking wood. The ladies and I enjoyed some wonderful baby time. Thomas and Maddy are growing so quickly. Donna bought them a sippy cut with a straw (as recommended) and they both took to it. They are also both scooting all over the place. You can't stop them! They roll and scoot constantly now. They see something they want and they are on the move. No crawling....but they get where they need to go. Thomas seems to be fighting the eating more....he kept us up most of the night last night, but I am hoping it is just another phase. Hope you enjoy these cute pics. You will see Maddy scooting off the mat. When she began she was in the opposite direction. Thomas also does not want to sit anymore....he just wants to roll and scoot...hence his laying down. I also want to send out a few congratulations! First, my brother and his wife moved into their new home in Athens, Al over the weekend. The girls (Emma and Ella) stayed in Eufaula with my mom. Can't wait to see all they've gotten done!!! Also, I'd like to say congrats to Britt and Margaret Sellers as they married over the weekend. Congrats to the Sellers, Wilder, Massey, Poulos Families!!!!


Nana said...

Babies on the move...whether in the car with mom and dad (traveling) or on their play mat, they have things to out mama and daddy!!! There will lots more ahead!

Kim said...

That is the CUTEST little dress that Maddie has on! And, Thomas looks like such a big boy with his sippy cup!