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The Smith's
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catching up....

Hello blogger family....we are in Valley this weekend. I will likely not be adding pics until we get home Tuesday but wanted to touch base. We had a great dinner out with friends last night (despite the terrible storm that rocked Opelika) and hope to have a great weekend. Shannon plans to work on the tree that fell last weekend (firewood) and work in the garden. The angels and I hope to enjoy some down time.....little Kateley Walden has her 2nd Birthday Party today so if the weather cooperates and things are running smoothly we will try to attend. Hope this finds you all well....oh...and the hunt for a new computer is on the way. The traveling did not help my screen at all. You know how you get rocks in your windshield and they begin to splinter, etc....well....that is what is happening to my computer now. I have blackout lines streaking across....when will I give in.....I will keep you posted. Hugs and blessings!!! Oh...and one more thing. Please shout out prayers to the following angels.....Baby Stellan, Baby Kayla (doing very well-saw her mommy yesterday), Little Hunter (4/12 with stomach cancer), Baby Maggie Jo Rennie, Ella Newmiller, Unspoken, Baby Ashton, Baby Smith, and all the other angels needing our prayers and God's touch. Amen!


Nana said...

Nana sends kissses to all the angels!!!

Heather said...

Hope you guys had a wondeful weekend!! I know the weather was terrible as I was traveling to Marietta.. I will be praying for all the babies on the prayer list.
Kaydence got in trouble for the first time today. Nicki went to change Kinsley and when she got back Kay was pulling all the DVDs off the shelf. Have a wonderful week!!