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The Smith's
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Eye Dr. Appt

Thomas did very well today...despite the long day!!! We drove from Valley to Augusta (leaving at 8am and arriving at 11:45am) unloaded, grabbed lunch, and then headed downtown to MCG for our appt with Dr. Goei. Thomas had an appointment at 1:30pm and we were finally leaving there at 3:45pm. They first did an exam, then dilated his eyes (45 minutes long) and then 2 more exams. All looks good at this point...praise GOD! He has intermittent eye turning but nothing to be concerned about. Dr. Goei will continue to monitor him but sees no need for glasses or extra therapy for now. We will see her again in 3 months...oh...and we just loved her. She has a real disposition for children. Thank you for your prayers. Our Barium Swallow Test is Thursday.....I will keep you informed! We wish our friend Jacob a good appointment with Dr. Goei tomorrow as well!!!


Heather said...

So glad that Thomas's appt went so well!! Did he have to wear the "sunglasses" after they dilated his eyes?

Elizabeth said...

Glad it went well!!!

Love ya