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The Smith's
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost and Found

Today we had a tragic event take place.....but found the light at the end of the tunnel. Our precious pancake bear (gift from my cousin Georgia) was lost and left at Target. Maddy and Thomas both have a habit of throwing their bears overboard......however, this time pinkie was left behind! It wasn't until we were at our next destination that I discovered our missing bear! I searched all over the car but the blue bear was the only survivor. I phoned Target but no one had turned her in.....I drove all over the parking lot but to no avail! I called and called Target and it had still not been turned in. Nana called to check in with us and I told her the tragedy....she was in Columbus so she went on a hunt for a new bear and found one. Well...that was great news but it still wasn't the pink bear we've had for 8 months, that has been washed, ran over with the stroller, washed, spit up on, and washed (at least 40 times by now). Finally.....I called one last time and heard the words...."hmmm....I think I did see one...hold on". Oh what joy our bear is coming home!!! And now pinkie and blue have an adopted sibling on the way....thanks to Nana. Here is a pic (from the computer) of our Pink Pancake Bear....minus the bow. You just have no idea....they go everywhere with us!!!! Flipped upside down...they even help hold our bottles when traveling! They are members of the family....and those that see us regularly are most familiar with them!


Nana said...

Welcome home 'Pinkie"!!! "Blue" and the rest of the family has been in a panic...Yes, we have a spare but we may need it soon (Dec.) as Baby Smith could be a girl!! kiss, kiss angels

Heather said...

I read this too my mom and she said you are so creative!! I am SO glad that Maddy is getting her bear back!!

Kristi said...

That is crazy, because Lexyn is very addicted to a little pink silky blanket that has a bunny head on it. She sucks its ear, which is wierd I know but that is what calms here. Anyways, she left it at therapy today. Thank goodness they found it, and we have a second one to help her through the night.

5 Moore's said...

I am making a prediction now...Baby Smith has to be a girl so she can have the new pink bear!!! (and I love the name you were going to use on a boy for a girl also) >^..^< Carla