The Smith's

The Smith's
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Pictures I've gotten some cute pics and had to share.....I also wanted to catch you all up on our busy weekend. Friday and Saturday, Shannon and our great neighbors worked on the tree that fell in Stacey's yard and the trees that fell in their yards. We had wings with our friends the Green's Friday night, dinner at the Green's on Saturday night, family and friends (The Green's) over for steaks on Sunday night and then a busy day visiting today. Shannon had a meeting in West Point so the angels and I went to visit was so great seeing my fellow teacher friends and students. I can't believe my 4th graders from last year will be graduating on Friday. The angels and I also got to join our daddy and friends from WP Knology for lunch. As you can see it has been a busy weekend. The weather has been weird too!!! sunshine and cold....what a weekend. I also want to send a shout out to my brother, Jeb, and his first day as a pharmacist!!!! So proud. He and the girls (Lacy, Emma and Ella) will move into their new home in Athens, Al next week. I also want to send out a special prayer request for a special friend.....I also ask for prayers for Baby Smith. With all that has been going on I feel a little more stressed than usual and just pray that it gives this angel strength for the busy future it has ahead of it.....which we call life! What blessings we have. Hope you enjoy the pics! you can see...Thomas and Maddy should be crawling any day now! HUGS!


Heather said...

I pray that you keep yourself rested. Those pictures are too cute!!

Nana said...

I guess Thomas got tired of his fingers and decided to try Maddy's! They are too cute with their overalls...they are happy babies, for sure! kiss,kiss angels!