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The Smith's
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

11 Months

Here we are....11 Months!!! Actually we turned 11 Months on Saturday but we have had a busy weekend so I am just now posting!!! What a great weekend we had! We had our cousin Emma spend the night with us Friday night after a great dinner with our friends The Green's....we then spent the day Saturday with our Nana and a visit from Nonnie as the men folk bird hunted and cooked! Then on Sunday we met up with Nana and Poppy in Auburn to say goodbye to Emma and to hit Sam's for some bday supplies! On Monday....our wonderful daddy spent the day with us and took us to Eufaula to see Great-Grandparents and again....our Nana and Poppy. We also got to see Uncle Jeremy's new house...I am soooooo proud of him and for him!!! We then made it back in town in time for a great birthday dinner for Aunt Stacey! We had Outback with our friends The Whorton's, Michelle and Lauren, Nonnie, and Cindy. WOW!!! What a weekend!!! We are taking today to catch up on house stuff and to just recover from all the fun!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and a blessed week!!!


Nana said...

I loved the the time with all of you...I'm spoiled now! I saw the word "Liberty" on their Jeep and had to chuckle...they definately have "liberty" now with crawling all over it instead of riding in it!!!!!!!! Kiss,kiss,kiss!

Heather said...

Time sure does fly!! They'll be one right around the corner!! Any party ideas yet?? Kaydence and Kinsley's party is on their actual birthday, Saturday. They are doing polka dots cause that's what everything they've done all year.