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The Smith's
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big Party

I am utilizing the wonderful world of blogging to get the word out for our big party! Please see the invitation above! (click on it to enlarge) Thomas and Maddy will be turning 1 on October 6th and we will celebrate with a "Cow and Pig" Theme Party on Oct. 3rd. from 2-4pm eastern at The Smith Plantation! I know a lot of you will not be able to attend but I wanted to share this wonderful event with you as you have been such a special part of our lives and have followed us on this journey since we found out our angels were coming our way!!! If you can attend, please email me at the address below or comment on this post so we can take a count and have plenty of cake!!! There will be a hayride for the kiddos so wear your denim and bring a towel! Have a blessed day!!!
Stay tuned as there will be lots of pics to follow!


Kristi said...

What a neat party. So wish we lived closer. I want to see lots of pictures. I can't believe your angels are going to be 1!. I can't believe mine are 15 months! Man, time flies when you are having the best time of your life!

Heather said...

Can't wait!!

Nana said...

Birthdays do have a way of sneaking up on you! Happy 11 months guys!!!!!!kiss,kiss,kiss(one for Morgan)

Kim said...

We are looking forward to it!