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The Smith's
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Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week....

This has been quite a busy week of transition and it hasn't come easy! I decided it was time to start weaning off the bottle and formula and working towards the sippy cups and whole organic milk. After finally finding the right sippy I will say we are on our way...but it was not without trial and error, tantrums, clingy crying and so on. We even went through meltdowns at the nursery at church and during my Bible study. It also didn't help that we have all been affected by this rain with "the crud". All in all it made for quite a trying week but after today.....I truly feel on top of the world. Thomas and Maddy overcame their anxiety and played so well today while I was at study and then came home to a smooth afternoon of playing and eating. I am counting my blessings for sure!!! We are all looking forward to the weekend and hoping this rain will lighten up!!! Hope this finds you all doing well also!

This is a pic from the camera phone this morning of the angels with their sippy cups.....the ones that seem to be working right now! :-)


Heather said...

They look like "big kids" drinking from their sippies!!

Nana said...

Hey Angels! Nana and Poppy are so proud of you "big" guys!!! We look so forward to seeing you real soon...kiss,kiss,kiss