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The Smith's
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Friday, September 25, 2009


Boy do I feel sorry to have not updated till now! This week has been crazy busy!!! We had an OB appt. on Tuesday that went really well and an ultrasound on Wednesday that also went well. We are still watching the kidney but do not see it as a big concern right now...doctors words. I got my weekly lecture on rest and the importance of rest with my lupus and so forth and made my usual promise to try! We also found out that we have to start twice weekly NST's.....that means twice weekly trips to Columbus...yuck!! But I know it is for the best and want to do all I can to ensure health and happiness for Morgan. We go next week for the NST on Tuesday and then another heart ultrasound (fetal echo) and NST on Friday. As for the "crud" we have all had here at home, I am thankful the children's claritin. It is helping the angels to get over this stuff.....they even went to nursery this morning while I was at Bible Study and did very well. We are off bottles except for bedtime in which we are getting a water bottle. All in all we are growing and changing daily...I can hardly keep up. Still working on the food and finger foods...but I think we are making progress. Thomas and Maddy are both taking is almost a competition with them to see who can get claps for walking....Maddy can walk and turn now and Thomas can make 7 or more steps at one time. They are SOOOO proud of themselves! Maddy is also saying "ball", "mama", "Uh-Oh", "hello", "hey", and they both do this sound of "aaank" which is their mocking me...I make the noise when they go after something they shouldn' is really funny....they copy whatever I do! Thomas doesn't talk too much...he does his own language though and loves to sing....he sings along with songs on the tv and when I am singing. Again...all is soooo good around here...busy but good! I can't believe our party is next weekend!!! My angels are turning 1 and I feel like the year has just flown by! God is soooo good!!!! Stay tuned...I am sure more is to come! :-)

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Nana said...

They are angels!! Having just left you for the second time this week, I can tell that Thomas is "in love" with his mama and Maddy watches her mama's every move to copy what she does. They are really " attentive" to mama's scheduling and will let you know quickly if something is off...they are amazing....kiss,kiss,kiss angels!