The Smith's

The Smith's
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing around

Yesterday was our final appointment with our wonderful OB and friend, Dr. Erin Holsten. What a bittersweet moment we had as we said our goodbyes...but promised to stay in touch and to make a point of meeting up in the future. She has truly been an angel sent from God....that delivered my two precious angels safe and sound! If for nothing else, our time in Augusta was most worth it just for the experience of her care.

We also had a very nice farewell dinner with some of Shannon's work associates....what a heartfelt farewell it was as they presented Shannon with some lovely extra special gift was a book that was put together with pages of comments and words and emotions from several at the call center. If you don't know Shannon well...that is one of his most favorite things....personalized, creative, from the heart type of gifts! I won't mention names....but you all know who you are...and THANK YOU! is the day to finalize packing, cleaning, etc. Here we go!!!! Lord...please give me the strength and sanity I need to make it until Shannon, Megan, and Kris get here at 5pm! If you know know I have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed!
Here is a pick of the angels horsing around yesterday afternoon...they play so well together!


Nana said...

We all fell in love with Dr. Holsten! She will be greatly missed but always remembered!!!
As for the Augusta call center folks...he'll be back!!!
Finish packing and...come on HOME!!!

Nana said...

Thomas loves his sister! She will never leave him alone but I think he loves it! I hope they are always this close!!!!!!