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The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back in Augusta

Give me that camera......
I am a happy boy!
"I was just looking mama...I promise"
We returned to Augusta as usual on Monday.....for those of you that don't know our schedule, we travel every Friday and Monday. We leave Augusta shortly after lunch on Friday and arrive in Valley 4 hours or so later....then on Monday morning we leave Valley before 8am and arrive in Augusta by lunch. It is hectic and chaotic and exhausting at times.....but we do love being home-and the angels are great travelers too!!!! Oh the miles we have covered. This week was especially hard because we went in two vehicles.....that makes it seem longer due to more stops. Oh how I long for the minivan......soon......very soon!!!! If I could just get out and test drive some. Here are some of the pics from yesterday when we returned. Notice Maddy...she pulled herself over to the toy baskets and was peaking curious this one! Then you will see pics of Thomas...all smiles. He actually ate a few baby puffs on his own and didn't choke or v_ m_t. Good job......they are growing tooooooo fast!!! We are now 8 months (Saturday). Enjoy!!!


Kim said...

Way to go, Thomas!

Maddy, you little stinker! :o)

Nana said...

Look at that fella chase those treats down. He is doing great!!!!
Maddy will be pulling up real soon..."here comes trouble"...
Kisses sweet babies....