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The Smith's
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sick angels....

Here we 3 of this stuff. Still runny noses, red-watery eyes, stuffiness, etc. They are just pitiful. Sleep is hard to come by as they struggle so with breathing. The bottle and passy that once brought comfort only bring agony and frustration. Please say a little prayer that the teething and ill effects that come with it pass quickly.....we have a big day of travel today and we are all exhausted!!! I never dreamed I would feel so helpless when it came to my children having colds.....I just don't know what more to do than the Vicks, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, humidifier, nose bulb, teething drops, soft boogie wipes, semi-warm baths, etc. Bless their little hearts! Thanks to Mr. Kris for help loading last night and Mrs. Megan for help comforting sick babies.....we have truly been blessed with great friends both here and back home in Valley!!!! If your up for unloading tonight or next Friday night don't hesitate to come on down! :-)

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Nana said...

Sorry "little guys", I hate this so much for you. I'm praying for you all!!!!!!