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The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Move

Well....Friday morning was such a long morning. The angels and I played in an empty house (well , almost empty). The TV was gone....all we had were toys, cleaning supplies, our radio, and the superyard. The angels were so good while I cleaned. Shannon came home and got us around noon and we loaded the final load for Valley! We are now home, still unpacking but making GREAT progress. I will post updated pics soon. Here are the angels though, in their final hours in Augusta.....being soooo good for mommy. You will notice I had to move them and ALL our stuff into the kitchen once the carpet guy came. They just transferred sooo well. As long as they have their toys, their mommy, and a good cold bottle....they are good! We truly are blessed. Our time in Augusta has been such an experience for us all....a great learning, loving experience. Thank you to our friends and family/friends there!!! You will be missed! Come visit!!!!!

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Nana said...

Such sweet faces! Nana loves you guys!!! Kiss,kiss