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The Smith's
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are currently 15 weeks and went in today for our final Augusta ultrasound. It was quite bittersweet, but couldn't not have been more perfect. First of all....Mrs. Fran (nurse) came out and visited with us. She is the most charming lady and she and Shannon have such a funny relationship. We spent lots of time in her recliners last year for our weekly NST's with the angels. She took pictures of the angels and teased back and forth with Shannon.....they are a mess. Then, my all time favorite ultrasound tech did the ultrasound. Christy has been our fav since we started at MCG. She took great shots of the newest little angel....long legs and all. She even gave us a glimpse and a 95% assurance that we are again seeing pink. We are overjoyed. I didn't really care either way, girl or boy, as long as we had a healthy angel. However, I did like the idea of a boy just because I had 2 brothers, but then again, we have such great girly clothes and things that I was leaning that way. we are! Looks like Shannon and Thomas will be outnumbered! Thank you to everyone for all your prayers!!!! I will keep you posted as we know more! Prayers going out to our friends The Wright's.


Elizabeth said...

How exciting!!!

Kim said...

Congratulations!! You can bet she and Maddy will team up one day and keep Thomas on his toes! :o)

Heather said...

Thats so exciting!! Hopefully another girl!! When will you know for sure?? Any names?

Nana said...

Life just keeps getting better and better! Woohoo!!!! kisses to the angels!!