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The Smith's
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Pics

Maddy very rarely gets upset these days.....that is unless she is not getting the attention she so desperately feels she deserves for her cuteness. Here is a pic of the angels after one such "mad-Maddy" fit.....the tears just seem to appear with little effort with this child.....notice one is still hanging around. Shannon and I tease that her name, Madelynn Cross, is meant for drama....and so far she has yet to show otherwise :)
Just a few more pics before the angels and I joined our daddy (Shannon) and sweet friend Mrs. Trina for lunch! Thomas and Maddy were in a playful mood.....even Maddy once she realized the camera was on her! I just love it when they put the balls (from the train) up to their mouth....makes me hungry for ice cream.
Happy Hump Day!


Nana said...

Maddy is breaking my heart! She is so precious and just needs Nana's kisses...Thomas, you are such a handsome little man!
kisses you two!!!!

Kim said...

My what little posers you have for the camera!