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The Smith's
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Counting down our Augusta days.....bittersweet...

Pardon the mini-skirt...she is still learning how to sit like a lady :O

The Scene

In the headlock.....he was only trying to give her love....
Well, we are back in Augusta....but this is our last week to call it home. We still have so much packing and getting ready to do for Friday....but things are underway. The angels lack patience with me while I am packing....I think they are still aggravated with the stuffy noses and teething. They both want to be held more (extremely unusual for Maddy) and just seem overall restless. It can make for a long day when you have things to get done......but somehow it does! Here is a pic of them playing....I was in the kitchen packing when Tucker came in and gave me this look like...."um, you need to see this". When I went into the living room they have overturned and shifted the superyard and were on the move. Too funny! They are both crawling now (I call Maddy my 3 legged pup because she drags one leg and pushes with the other and Thomas tends to just go backward) and they tend to crawl all over each other. Here is the play by play....little stinkers! I love you two soooo much!
P.S. We have an ultrasound tomorrow for Baby We shall is a bit early but we are hopeful. We also have our final OB appt on Wednesday with our good friend and doctor....Dr. Holsten. She will be SOOOOO missed!


Nana said...

This is where "double trouble" comes into play! Poor Thomas!!! Kiss him for me...and yes, Maddy too! kiss,kiss

Tiff said...

Gosh those babies are SO cute! Can't wait to hear what baby #3 is!!!